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Monday, June 22,1998

Northern California

200th Year, No. 100

United Solar Wins Solar Shoot-Out

Uni-Solar® Triple Junction Solar Modules put 30% more amps in your battery per rated (purchased) watt.

In an objective two day test - a solar shoot-out held in Northern California on June 20 and 21, Uni-Solar® US 64's, 64 watt Triple Junction Silicon solar electric modules delivered up to 10% more real power than the leading 75 watt modules*. Uni-Solar Triple Junction silicon technology could be far superior to single crystal for real world solar applications.

What does this mean for you and your customers? Only the biggest solar breakthrough in the last 20 years - more usable amperage generated per purchased watt! When you purchase solar power, you buy wattage. Price per watt drives the solar industry. It now becomes clear that watts generated by Uni-Solafs Triple Junction silicon modules are a better value than those generated by other modules. Under real world conditions (the same conditions that your customers solar systems operate in every day). Triple Junction silicon gives you a much better value (more amps) for dollar spent on solar electric wattage. Why buy anything else?

Some people might question the specificity of locale for this shoot-out in Northern California. We will be conducting shoot-outs across the country in most every geographic location, throughout the year; all major brands will be tested.

Some might question the scientific methodology of the event. We took every precaution possible. All modules were tested at Sandia labs, common regulators and batteries were used, all modules laid side by side, and readings on professional test equipment were taken every minute. No complaints on methodology were recorded by representatives from the module manufacturers. Look for results of future shoot-outs.


Triple Junction Silicon:

• Best delivered amperage per rated watts

• Unbreakable

• Shadow protected

*Test results available on request.

Distributed in the USA and Canada by:

Distributed in the USA and Canada by:


7812 EastAcoma Drive Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 602.951.6330 800.544.6466 Fax 602.951.6329 Website www.goldengenesis.com

UNI-SOLAR. is a registered trademark of United Solar Systems Corp. United Solar Systems Corp. is a joint venture of Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ECD) and Canon, Inc.

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Getting Started With Solar

Getting Started With Solar

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