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Elimination of the Non Intercepted Energy Flow Component

By analogy, the component of a great wind on the ocean that is outside the intercepting sails of a single sailing ship, does not contribute to further powering of that ship. Figure 2-5 in Chapter 2 shows that situation. However, that nondiverged wind component can power a whole flotilla of additional, separate sailing ships with separate sails, as we showed in Figure 2-6 in Chapter 2. Electrodynamicists 659 have continued to utilize Lorentz' clever integration trick (Figure 2-3 in Chapter 2) to dispose of the huge nondiverged Heaviside energy flow component surrounding every circuit and missing it, and therefore pouring from the terminals of every generator. Most electrical engineers today do not realize that the original purpose of Lorentz's integration ofthe energy flow vector around a closed surface assumed surrounding every volume element of interest was merely to get rid of that perplexing and bothersome Heaviside nondiverged energy flow component while retaining the Poynting...

Detecting The Human Energy Field

Valerie then expanded her research to include people who claimed to be able to see the human energy field, or aura, although this caused a lot of raised eyebrows among her academic colleagues. The vital point, which her research made, was that something non-physical, like the human aura, could influence electromagnetic activity in the human body and vice-versa. This was the vital link between body and soul, which had occupied the minds of all philosophers since the time of Plato. RELATIONSHIP OF HUMAN ENERGY FIELD FREQUENCIES It seems therefore, that we now have another avenue for exploring the effects of the human energy field that is easier, cheaper and quite accurate. This can be measured through variations of body resistance. A word of warning though, it turns out that the human energy field is very sensitive to movement and the environment. When someone moves the frequencies go all over the place due to muscle potentials,, which are much greater. Similarly a neon strip light...

Free Download Of Human Energy Field

The first part of this book is a revised version of Gregory Mitchell's 'Developing the Mind with Biofeedback' (1979) Copyrighted by Psychotechnics, but now out of print. A booklet that has proved popular with enthusiasts. In view of the direction that our subsequent research has taken, the decision was made to add a second part dealing with what has been discovered about 'The Human Energy Field'. This tends to validate many of the claims made in the original booklet. Many writers on the occult, mainly Theosophists like H.P.Blavatsky, Annie Besant, C.W. Leadbeater and A.E. Powell(1979), have speculated about the existence of an 'aetheric body' that is invisible and non-physical, that surrounds the physical form of humans, animals and plants, yet which possesses enormous energy, making it capable of both sustaining the living organism and providing a template to enable the organism to grow and retain its form, quite distinct from the genetics of the living cell. It is the source of the...

Concept of EM Energy Flow Through Space

The concept of the connection of EM energy and space did not occur until 1876 in a faulty work by Croll 654 . In the 1880s Heaviside 655 showed the huge nondiverged component filling all space around a circuit (see Figure 2-4 in Chapter 2). Poynting 656 never even considered the external nondiverged flow missing the circuit, but assumed only the diverged energy flow component that enters the circuit. Figure 2-4 in Chapter 2 shows both components of EM energy flow laterally, so they can be seen clearly. It is stressed that the Heaviside nondiverged component of EM energy flow around every circuit is far greater (by many orders of magnitude) than the circuit's intercepted, diverged, and collected Poynting energy flow component. This follows from Heaviside's own original papers. So when the entire output energy flow is considered, every generator and every battery is already a COP 1.0 energy transducer, outputting far more energy flow than the rate at which mechanical energy is input to...

The Reiki Initiation

The author had the good fortune to be able to take a Reiki Initiation, staged over a weekend by Audrey Edwards at Bisley. There were six on the course and each was attuned four times. Fortunately a graph had been taken of my energy field just before the course. On the day afterwards another graph was taken and the change was astonishing. It seemed the whole energy field had shifted and there was an enormous peak in the Psychic region which was not there before, since I do not regard myself as a psychic person, nor a healer. I was tempted to believe that there is more to Reiki than has been supposed it seems to produce a profound change in Chakra energisation. One could in fact be opened up to the reception of the Ki or Chi energy for the purpose of transmuting it, or acting as a channel for such energy as part of the process of healing. The Reiki teaching suggests that the initiation should be followed by a period of 21 days re-adjustment, during which signs of a detoxification...

Vortices And Chaos Theory

In her book Valerie Hunt goes on to suggest that there is a relationship between the vortices of the human energy field and Chaos theory. There is a certain point at which the energies cease to flow smoothly and become chaotic, as though one can become emotionally charged to the point where rage and hysteria supervene. When this happens the vortex is orientated to what is called an 'Attractor' some motive or powerful objective becomes the central point of one's intention and all other things are forgotten, one loses all thought of the consequences of one's actions. Such powerful intentions can be seen as sharp peaks in the energy field. Here we must endeavour to explain the possible reason for the dramatic alteration in the human energy field. Resulting from location and orientation. The cause could largely magnetic and related to the Solar Wind, since one is recording an electromagnetic event. The late Charles Brooker, former Chief Engineer at the B.B.C. did some important research...

Further Notes On Research

When attending a lecture on Yoga at a weekend seminar, the speaker produced a diagram of the Chakras as seen from a side view. This is reproduced in the diagram on the next page. It will be seen that each Chakra consists of a vortex and that the five middle ones runs from front to back of the body. It will be apparent that, when a person is facing the source of Pranic energy, it passes directly into each of these Chakra vortices and is thus enhanced. The Crown and Base Chakras are in the vertical plane. The source of this Pranic energy is what I have presumed to be the Solar Wind (or aether wind), that whistles around the surface of the earth from East to West, at 400 mph at these latitudes, as the earth rotates relative to it, the aether being fixed in the direction of the Sun.

Using The Bilateral Psychogalvanometer

A survey of the energy fields of a number of different people has been conducted both in Britain and the United States to refine the relationship of the energy peaks that are observed and see if they can be correlated with personality traits and professional ability. The early results are quite promising and a broad band of interpretations can be derived, which will be further defined by more energy field measurements. The discovery of these discrete peaks in the human energy field will come as no surprise to those who follow the disciplines of Yoga.

Procedure Four

A special Tachometer, or activity meter, as mentioned in the 2nd Procedure of Mode I, was originally available as an auxiliary device for the BPG Meter to indicate the level of mental activity. This was designed for use as an on-line, real time measurement of mental capacity, however it is also valuable in giving a null indication of Zen-like states. The device has now been superseded by analogue to digital conversion of data followed by computer analysis, as further described in the Chapters on the human energy field.

By Keith Wakelam

Philip Wakelam

Gregory Mitchell's contribution to the understanding of biofeedback techniques and skin resistance measurement, together with its use for mind development, has been immense, as is reflected in the first part of this book. The experimental work that composes the second half of the book in connection with the Human Energy Field has been carried out with the help and co-operation of the Bisley sub-group of the Scientific and Medical Network, in particular Roger Taylor, Ken Seddington, John Harman, Arthur Neate, Alex Soames, Phillip Salmon, Audrey Edwards and many others who volunteered to be tested, both in England and the United States.

The energy cycle of the Earth

In this section an attempt is made to summarise the energy conversion processes taking place in the Earth-atmosphere system, for the more or less stationary state constituted by the present climate. In doing so, the energy flow is taken as a common denominator for the variety of physical and chemical processes by which matter is transformed or moved. There are certainly contexts in which it is necessary to follow the flow of matter directly, but only examples of this will be given. The second question to be examined is the possible interference with this natural climate or energy flow, which is caused or may be caused by anthropogenic activity. The possibility of climatic changes resulting from the injection of CO2 or particulate matter into the atmosphere has been widely discussed, and only a brief review will be given. However, the climatic modelling techniques utilised in the discussion of such effects may also prove valuable in discussing the impact of an increasing use of the...

Misconceptions Of Present Theory Of Capacitance

The misconception that capacitance is the result of accumulating electrons has seriously distorted our view of dielectric phenomena. Also the theory of the velocity of light as a limit of energy flow, while adequate for magnetic force and material velocity, limits our ability to visualize or understand certain possibilities in electric phenomena. The true workings of free space capacitance can be best illustrated by the following example. It has been previously stated that dielectric lines of force must terminate on conductors. No line of force can end in space. If we take any conductor and rcmoveit to themost remote portionof the universe, no lines of force can extend from this electrode to other conductors. It can have no free space

Summary Of The Process From Various Aspects

A previously unrecognized giant negentropy mechanism is used as shown unwittingly by Whittaker 1 in 1903 but unrecognized until recently understood by Bearden 26 and further clarified by Evans and Bearden 43 , and the active vacuum continuously replenishes all magnetic vector potential A (both curled and field-free) that is continuously output by the permanent magnet into the material flux path and into space surrounding the material flux path. Further, the replenishment energy flow from the active vacuum is from the time-domain 1, 26, 43 and thus from the complex plane, constituting the continuous input of reactive power by the active vacuum environment via time-like energy flows. These time-like potentials and energy flows are known in extended electrodynamics 29, 30, 32, 33, 35, 36, 38, 39, 41 but have not previously been deliberately utilized in electromagnetic systems and particularly in electromagnetic power systems, even though shown by Whittaker 1 as early as 1903. 9. The...

Some Additional Foundations Non Sequiturs

Another gross non sequitur is made in calculating the amount of EM energy flow continually being diverged around an intercepting unit static charge at a point in space, from a potential in which that point is located, and then calling this local intensity of the collecting interaction the magnitude of the potential itself. (See Figure 2-2). At best, it is a measure of the local intensity of the diversion ofenergy flow from the bidirectional EM longitudinal waves comprising a potential, as they are diverged around the unit point static charge. It is not the magnitude of the entire potential, filling all space, nor does it prescribe the spatial energy magnitude of that entire potential 146 . It is a small energy flow, diverted by an assumed standard fixed charge at a single point in the potential, from the overall energy flows comprising the potential. Calling this little diversion of a bit of energy the magnitude of the potential is rather like calling a little whirlpool in a river the...

Applications of renewable energies

Provision of final or useful energy using renewable energies is based on energy flows originated by the movement and gravitation of planets (i.e. tidal energy), heat stored and released by the earth (i.e. geothermal energy) and in particular energy radiated by the sun (i.e. solar radiation) (Chapter 2.1). There is thus a great variety of renewable energies in terms of energy density, variations of the available forms of energy and the related secondary or final energy carriers and final energy to be provided. Each technical option for utilizing the described renewable energy flows or carriers must be adapted to the corresponding characteristics of the available renewable energy there is thus a broad range of current and also future technical processes and methods to exploit the renewable energy options most successfully. The three sources of renewable energies give rise to a multitude of very different energy flows and carriers due to various energy conversion processes occurring in...

Productivity in different environments

It follows from Fig. 3.73 that the flows of energy, which could be used for energy extraction serving human society, diminish along the food chain. This does not negate the fact that the concentration of energy flow may be higher and perhaps easier to utilise at one of the higher levels, as compared with the primary producers. For example, livestock leave a large fraction of their respiration heat and manure within their sheds, a spatial region much smaller than the size of a grazing range which may yield the same energy value.

The Heaviside Component vs the Poynting Component

Unless Heaviside and Lorentz did rigorous calculations in a work we have not yet uncovered, we could not find any development of the functions and equations required for computing the numerical ratio of the unaccounted Heaviside dark energy flow nondiverged energy flow component that misses the circuit), to the tiny Poynting energy component thai strikes the surface charges of the conductors 211 and is diverged into the wires to power the circuit when the surface charges precess laterally into the wire. Consequently, we performed a very crude special case estimation 212 a back-of-the-envelope type, with highly simplifying assumptions for a very simple circuit in which one resistor is powered by a DC source. Our crude estimate showed that about 1013 times as much EM energy flow misses the circuit, is not diverged, and is wasted as strikes the circuit, gets collected, and then is dissipated in the circuit to power the load and losses. Until electrical physicists re-examine the energy...

James Corum et al Rectified Slepian AC Force Resonator

Our comment is that this unilateral thrust force work is important. In our view, the Heaviside energy flow component does not appear in Slepian's vector which contains only the diverged EM energy flow surrounding a circuit or component, but it is present immediately outside the circuit where the Slepian vector exists. Hence there is an enormous, extra energy flow closely associated with every EM circuit, that is unaccounted since Lorentz's closed surface integration of the energy flow vector discarded it quite arbitrarily. We already know from the Bohren experiment (and thousands of others similar to it) previously cited that resonant charges do collect excess EM energy from a given EM energy flow input, compared to the collection from that flow by the same charges in nonresonant state. In using the Slepian resonator and then rectifying its output, it would appear that both the diverged (Poynting) energy flow component and the Heaviside nondiverged energy flow component are first...

Overunity Air Core Coil Magnet

Free Energy Devices

This energy flow can be thought of as being electrons flowing through the wire of the toroid. While electrons do actually flow through copper wire, the rate of flow is millions of times slower than the flow along the surface of the wire. However, strictly speaking, we are really looking for zero-point energy to flow in the toroidal coil. Here again, we are not being entirely accurate as that energy does not flow in or on the wire at all, but instead, it flows along the magnetic field formed around the wire. As current in the toroidal coil

Magnetism the Function of Levitism and Electricism the Function of Gravitism

Posion Ivy Leaf Strructure

Put it bluntly, instead of being radially- axially wound up, the ur-works were wound up like a clock-spring in the opposite way, i.e. radially- axially. To date this false 'winding' has been taught and learnt in all schools and preached from all pulpits. Only the Catholic Church, if merely symbolically, has indicated the naturalesque way to transform high-grade matter into Spirit (energy). However they were unable to recognise the truth, because they believed and also fostered the belief, that after death the earthly remains of fatty-matter, out of which allotropic threshold substances - vitamin-molecules - come into being, decay into dust and ashes. Therefore, due to electrolytic processes of decomposition (unnatural form of interment), the metaphysical fat-concentrates cannot come into being, which are the source of spiritual energy that makes all life invincible, free and independent. Perhaps this was considered undesirable so as to ensure the docility of slave-workers by...

Ning Li and separately E Podkletnov

223 Many times I have been asked how such small output power increase (from 500 to 1,000 watts) could possibly achieve such dramatic antigravity results. The answer -due to the neglected Heaviside nondiverged energy flow component lies in multiplying the power output by the Heaviside energy amplification factor k where k may be as large as 101 . A 500-watt accounted increase, multiplied by 1013. is actually an incredible increase in the total EM negative energy field density being created in the local vacuum. In short, a very little accounted power increase of the COP 1.0 VTA output is actually a very vast negative power output increase when the long neglected k-factor is accounted. It is just this missing k-factor and the failure to account for the negative energy KM fields generated in COP 1.0 discharges in violent astronomical phenomena that seem to be responsible for generating the excess antigravity that is accelerating the expansion of the universe. the negative energy field's...

How The Equivalence Engine Works

Although the physical body is anchored to the present the mind travels in time and space. The now consists of the point where future time intercepts past existence. This point is where an energy transfer takes place from the time energy of space to the real time of our past behavior or history. History is dead time. It exists in the mind of the rememberer until it dies and disappears. Records can be made, but they eventually disappear too. So the mind of man is finite and consists of all that he remembers or has records of. What I'm getting at is man and his world sits still in the present and the time-energy flowing through him energizes his present. So man and the world of man are like a projection slide through which the time energy plays and projects our existence out on the tapestry of created 'our time*. So man starts out as a pattern, illuminated by the time energy, he plays out his life in the emerging scroll of history. We do not go into the future. The so-called future comes...

Surprising Thing About Thermodynamics and Reservoirs

In addition to their glow discharge work previously discussed, Paulo and Alexandra Correa have demonstrated a method to optimize some anomalous form of energy from the sun, which transduces into heat, producing an anomalous T0 - T difference registered in Orgone Accumulators178 invented by W. Reich in 1939-1940. They have also be applied to transform the notion of orgone energy into specialized EM energy. We further suspect that orgone energy is really the transduction of the time-polarized photon energy into normal photon energy. We are assured by quantum field theory and the giant negentropy solution to the source charge problem that the instantaneous scalar potential involves this process. While the Correas utilize some ofReich's orgone and aether terminology, they are quite aware that the energy being converted is not normal transverse EM wave energy. Quoting 415

Some Implications of Giant Negentropy

(d) Utilizes time as energy (per our previous discussion) and thus allows use of the Whittaker phase conjugate half of the biwave set as an EM energy flow within the flow of time. Observably this translates to the continuous receipt of free time-energy by the formed broken 3-symmetry (e.g., the charge or dipole). Accordingly, the charge or dipole continuously pours out real observable EM energy in 3-space, without any observable EM energy input (time is not observable, and neither is the time-polarized photon alone). (e) Allows burning a little time for fuel , so to speak, in order to transduce it into a very large spatial energy flow, due to the enormous compression of 3-spatial energy represented by time-energy by a factor of c2. (b) This dipole's broken 3-space symmetry in EM energy flow, provides a relaxation to a more fundamental EM energy flow symmetry between the time domain and 3-space, and therefore in 4-space. (c) There is no law of nature or physics that requires 3-symmetry...

The Production and Advantages of Implosion Machines

This fact is easy to prove and can be demonstrated by all pressure-turbine systems. Indeed, the destruction of quality should be proof enough. The progressive extinguishing of the life-force daily furnishes evidence of this. Those who do not wish to travel this cancerous road, will buy biotechnical machines and appliances, in the same way they buy health products in the health food stores that are springing up like mushrooms.

Short History of the Discarding of the Heaviside Dark Energy

Let us now see how the enormity of the EM energy flow from the dipolar source was treated in the early electrodynamic theory, and how it is treated in the received view today. In the 1880s after Maxwell was already deceased, Poynting 216 and Heaviside 217 independently (and rather simultaneously) discovered EM energy flow through space. Before that, the concept did not appear in physics. Poynting 216 published prestigiously, while at first Heaviside published more obscurely 217 , then finally more prestigiously 218, 219 . With respect to circuits, from the beginning Poynting assumed only that small amount of EM energy flow that enters the circuit from the surrounding space. Here are Poynting's 220 own words As can be seen, Poynting considered only the energy flow actually entering the wire, and subsequently being dissipated in the circuit. Hence Poynting never considered the huge EM energy flow component around the circuit that is not diverged, misses the circuit entirely, does not...

Examples of COP Electromagnetic Systems

Meg Transformer Coils

The motionless electromagnetic generator (MEG) 661 (Figure 11-1) does catch and use some of this available free energy, as explained below. So does the familiar Bohren experiment 662a, 662b by resonating each intercepting charge so it sweeps out an increased geometrical reaction cross section in space, reaching past the usual Poynting interception cross section (for a static charge) and thereby absorbing additional energy from the otherwise non-intercepted Heaviside energy flow component. The present author has also nominated the long-neglected but vast nondiverged Heaviside EM energy flow, accompanying every field and charge interaction, as the long-missing source of some 90 of the gravity holding the arms of the spiral galaxies intact 663 . Our supersystem examination of several COP 1.0 EM systems developed by various inventors has also uncovered a proposed solution for the source of the distant antigravity accelerating the expansion of the universe 664 . Bohren's experiment 662 was...

How Circuits Are Powered

Let us now look at the great magnitude of the energy flow that nature gives us from that dipole. We have to get into the subject a bit, because EM energy flow theory has been rather thoroughly confused for more than a century. Once the source dipole is formed, it does all the hypothesized 4-functions we pointed out previously. It induces the spreading giant negentropic reordering of the vacuum energy, extracts (transduces) EM energy from the continuously reordering vacuum, and pours out from the terminals of the generator (or battery) a vast 3-flow (as observed) of EM field energy along the external circuit. As indicated by Kraus's illustration of the Poynting component 210 , this giant EM energy flow fills all space surrounding the circuit, out to an infinite lateral radius.82 The energy flow is generally parallel to the conductors of the circuit. Only a tiny component of this flow due to the surface charges of the conductors and the little boundary layer of energy flow that slides...

Introduction To Non Conventional Energy

The Institute's purpose centers on energy usage in its broadest sense, researching non-conventional energy and transportation (NEXT Division), energy medicine, and the biological effects of energy distribution, such as electromagnetic pollution. Integrity Research Institute is nonprofit and devoted to research and public education.

The Suicidal Closed Unitary Current Loop Circuit

Sw202 Contactor Wiring Diagram

Taking into account Figure 2-4, Figure 2-8 shows a modified diagram of what is actually happening between the vacuum and the dipole to power the circuit. Figure 2-9 shows how a pair of conductors constitutes an extended series of parallel dipoles. Once the dipole is formed by dissipating some chemical energy in the battery, the dipole extracts energy from the surrounding vacuum and pours it out of the battery terminals, producing an energy flow filling space around the conductors of the external circuit. Only a very small portion (Figure 2-4) of the very large energy flow is intercepted by the external charges in the conductors, and diverged into the conductors to power up the Drude electrons.

Dark Positive Energy The Unaccounted Heaviside Component

In short, we propose that every field andpotential, in its interaction with charged mass, produces not only the accounted energy aspects presently calculated by electrodynamicists and astrophysicists, but also contains Heaviside's vast unaccounted da rkpositive energy component presently discarded. We further propose that this ubiquitous and unaccounted dark positive EM energy component in the interactions of the fields and potentials of the spiral galaxies is what is producing the excess gravity that is holding the spiral arms together. We specifically do this in honor of Heaviside, whose unpublished papers clearly establish that he recognized the overwhelming gravitational importance of his extra and unaccounted energy flow component 172a, 172b, 196 .

Chapter Pulse Charging Battery Systems

Mechanic Free Energy

Ronald Knight gets about fifteen times more power from his Bedini-charged batteries than is drawn from the driving side of the circuit. He stresses that this does not happen immediately, as the batteries being charged have to be conditioned by repeated cycles of charging and discharging. When this is done, the capacity of the batteries being charged increases. Interestingly, the rate of current draw on the driving side of the circuit is not increased if the battery bank being charged is increased in capacity. This is because the power which charges the batteries flows from the environment and not from the driving battery. The driving battery just produces the high-voltage spikes which trigger the energy flow from the environment, and as a consequence of that the battery bank being charged can be a higher voltage than the 12-volt driving battery, and there can be any number of batteries in the charging bank.

Ionization Detectors Transduction and Em Lw Interferometry

Ionization processes obviously are processes where the partial transduction of LW time interaction into 3-spatial energy interaction would yield ordinary excited energy states of the affected electrons or ions. In turn, this would lead to ionization (e.g., of the atoms and molecules of a gas, liquid, etc.) Hence, ordinary ionization detectors such as Geiger Miiller tubes have the innate capability of detecting such transduction that generates ionization, and thereby have some capability of serving as detectors of longitudinal EM wave interactions (and time-charging) ongoing in the detector. In the usual situation, no excess time-charging results and no time reversal zones result. In that case, symmetry of energy flow in the time-domain exists, as does symmetry of energy flow in 3-space. Absolutely normal chemistry and nuclear chemistry results, and the nuclear detectors function normally, as familiar to every laboratory. However, when significant TRZs emerge and persist for short...

Utilisation of Ambient Air and Shallow Geothermal Energy

Diagram Geothermal Energy

A typical characteristic of ambient air and near-surface heat it is the very low temperature level. The heat is mainly generated by solar radiation (Chapter 2). Only a small part of the energy in the soil (i.e. shallow geothermal energy) is not produced by the sun, but by the geothermal energy flow caused by the heat potential available within the earth (i.e. deep geothermal energy). The share of geothermal energy normally increases proportionally with an increasing depth underneath the surface of the earth (Chapter 2). Nevertheless, this type of energy is defined as geothermal energy - independent of the origin of energy in the near-surface ground (i.e. whether or not it results from solar radiation and or geothermal energy stored in the deep underground, Chapter 2) (Fig. 9.1).

Reinterpreting Whittakers Decomposition of the Scalar Potential

Giant Negentropy Common Dipole

As previously stated, we applied and re-interpreted Whittaker 1903 decomposition of the potential 85 between the ends of the dipole. The scalar potential is actually a harmonic set of bidirectional longitudinal EM wavepairs, where each wavepair consists of an outgoing EM longitudinal EM wave in real 3-space and an incoming EM longitudinal EM wave in the complex plane. Hence we have a new and novel EM energy flow symmetry in 4-space, where (as seen by the observer) the broken 3-symmetry of the dipole has removed the usual arbitrary imposition of an additional condition of 3-space energy flow symmetry as well. Simply making a dipole permissibly breaks the 3-space conservation of energy flow symmetry, and moves to 4-dimensional conservation of energy flow. Both EM energy conservation in 3-space and in the time domain are individually broken, but conservation of energy flow is now upheld between the time-domain and the 3-space domain. In blunt terms, we consume a little time to get any EM...

Bibliography Undergraduatelevel books

A short and stimulating introduction with more physical bias than many others. Lawlor, D.W. (2001, 3rd edn) Photosynthesis Molecular, Physiological and Environmental Processes, BIOS Scientific Publications, Oxford. Concise text for biology undergraduates. Monteith, J. and Unsworth, K. (1990, 2nd edn) Principles of Environmental Physics, Edward Arnold, London. Considers the physical interaction of plant and animal life with the environment. Chemical aspects are not considered. Of background relevance to photosynthesis. Morowitz, H.J. (1969) Energy Flow in Biology Biological Organisation as a Problem in Thermal Physics, Academic Press, New York. A stimulating book with lateral thinking for considering physical processes and constraints. Wrigglesworth, J. (1997) Energy and Life, Taylor & Francis, UK. The biochemistry of metabolism and photosynthesis, clearly presented.

Lorentz Regauging of the Maxwell Heaviside Equations

Heaviside Energy Flow Component

Lorentz's symmetrically regauged EM equations discard all Maxwell-Heaviside systems that are far from equilibrium in their energetic exchange with the active vacuum. They retain only that subset of the Maxwell-Heaviside theory wherein the system being described is in forced equilibrium 162 in its exchange with its active vacuum environment. Hence the present Lorentz-Maxwell-Heaviside theory, by which EM circuits and electrical power systems are designed, produces only systems in self-forced equilibrium with the active vacuum, specifically during the symmetrically regauging discharge of the circuit's excitation energy. The closed current loop circuit in fact discharges half its collected energy to destroy the source dipole in the generator, thereby destroying that dipole's extraction from the vacuum and furnishing of the energy flow pouring out of the terminals. These circuits kill themselves faster than they can power the load, and they use more energy to kill the energy flow from the...

Conclusions Toward a Secure and Efficient Infrastructure

Given the state of art in electricity infrastructure security and control as indicated in this chapter, creating a smart grid with self-healing capabilities is no longer a distant dream we have made considerable progress. But considerable technical challenges as well as several economic and policy issues remain to be addressed Amin, M. 2000. Toward self-healing infrastructure systems, IEEE Computer Magazine, 33 (8), 44-53. Amin, M. 2001. Toward self-healing energy infrastructure systems, IEEE Computer Applications in Power, 14 (1), 20-28.

And - Wire In And Output Direction Info

Toroide Ferrite Overunity

This device is essentially, a custom-built transformer with two primary windings (the oscillator coils) and two secondary windings (the pick-up coils), with a permanent magnet inserted to create a standing magnetic field through the yoke (frame) of the transformer. However, a permanent magnet has two separate energy streams coming from it. The main field is the magnetic field which is very well known. It normally flows out in every direction, but in the MEG, a very good conducting path is provided by the frame of the device. This traps the magnetic energy flow and channels it around inside the frame. This prevents it masking the second energy field which is the Electrical energy field. With the magnetic field moved out of the way, it is now possible to tap this energy field for additional power output.

Death Knell of the Speed of Light Limitation

With our publication of the giant negentropy of 4-space once arbitrary 3-space symmetry and time-symmetry in EM energy flow is removed, one of the truths involved in Hilbert's remark was finally recognized. In addition, what Sen called the most difficult problem in classical and quantum electrodynamics 633 has been explained by giant negentropy 12 . Also, it is consistent with an appropriate reinterpretation of Whittaker's 1903 decomposition of the scalar potential 600, 615 . Finally, it is consistent with quantum field theory 634 .

The Source Charge Problem

The received interpretation of the Maxwell-Heaviside theory treats the source charge and source dipole as perpetual motion machines, freely and continuously pouring out EM energy in 3-space in all directions with no energy input. Experimentally one verifies that there is no 3-space observable energy input to the charge or dipole. In accepting that model, a scientist objecting to COP 1.0 EM systems has unwittingly hoisted himself upon his own perpetual motion machine petard, by already accepting every source charge and dipole as precisely that to which he is objecting. To explain the source charge, either one holds to the U(1) Maxwell-Heaviside theory and surrenders the conservation of energy law, or one accepts a change to U(1) electrodynamics to add the concomitant input of energy flow from the active vacuum (from the time domain, which in Minkowski geometry is all that is left outside 3-space) to that charge or dipole. That corresponds to a violation of the second law of...

Collection of Field Energy in the MEG

To collect and use EM energy in a power generating system, first the EM energy must be evoked from local spacetime (the local vacuum) by the broken symmetry of the source charges and dipoles in the circuit 12 . In the open system far from equilibrium in the resulting EM energy flow, the operator must usually pay for (i) the energy required to initially produce the requisite source dipolarity and (ii) the energy required to perform necessary switching and control functions, unless close-looping is incorporated. Using the permanent magnet as a source dipole in the MEG, and using the special nanocrystalline core material to generate the Aharonov-Bohm effect to furnish excess energy from the vacuum, the MEG operator does not have to furnish the evoked and available field energy at all. So the first payment is totally avoided. Further, the magnetic dipole is not destroyed by passing magnetic flux back through its back mmf. No additional input energy is required to continually restore the...

Evoking the Initial BediniNegative Resistor Effect

Free Energy Negative Resistor

2 Bidirectional Poynting energy flow from potential overpotentializes both the electron cluster and the ions, which are only beginning to move in charge mode 2 Bidirectional Poynting energy flow from potential overpotentializes both the electron cluster and the ions, which are only beginning to move in charge mode We strongly accent that the overpotential at the plates represents a change in the local vacuum potential, and it identically is part of that now-altered local vacuum potential. The vacuum, since it contains enormous EM energy in virtual state, is a very powerful EM potential. Any EM potential in our circuits is automatically a change to the ambient vacuum potential, or a change to another potential that is such a change to the vacuum potential. In the most exact sense, this is a method of overpotentializing the plate interface with excess energy from the vacuum, and then letting that energy flow onto the ions to recharge the battery and onto the electrons in the external...

Dogma that Cop Em Systems are Perpetual Motion Machines

Sadly, no one seems to have realized that we do not presently have COP 1.0 electrical power systems only because engineers have specifically designed and built their EM systems to destroy their own source dipole faster than they power their load. Ironically, every circuit and every power system used and measured by our engineers already outputs far more EM energy than is input by the operator or by turning the shaft of the generator, if the Heaviside nondiverged energy flow component is re-accounted. The Bohren experiment clearly proves it experimentally 662 , along with thousands of other similar experiments in negative resonance absorption of the medium 157a-157d).

Letter to Werner Zimmermann

Air-masses super-saturated with oxygen will become the sole fuel of the future. This will reduce the mechanical and physical air pressure on the Earth and even in low-lying areas, mountain air-conditions conducive to increasing the vegetation will prevail and at the same time tropical changes of climate will eventuate, which will counteract the coming ice-age. These machines will completely change the whole of the world economy and make wars, etc. unnecessary, because a superfluity of vegetable matter will automatically arise. Of necessity this will have to be consumed, if the creation of excess negative energies, as happens today, and therefore the development of elemental catastrophes are to be avoided. In this way charity and tolerance will become the dictates of reason, because the increasing turnover will be transformed into prosperity. That is to say, that love of one's neighbour, which cannot be instilled with threats of hell and damnation, will become established in this way...

Mans interference with the energy cycle

Figure 2.87 attempts to summarise the modifications of the energy cycle caused by human society today and to identify a number of points on the flow diagram of Fig. 2.86 which could contribute to serving man's purpose. Some of these conversion methods are well known but only in modest use today. The compartments and main layout of Fig. 2.86 are repeated without text in Fig. 2.87, as a background for the lines connecting certain points, along the energy flows or at the energy stores, with the box representing human society. The energy flow of organic matter from the biosphere to human society is about 1.2 TW, of which half is food. Not all the 0.6 TW transferred to human society as food actually serves as food intake, since part of it is lost in processing or is transferred to refuse. The other 0.6 TW of organic matter is mostly wood, but only a small fraction is burned directly. The rest goes into wood products or is lost in the production process. The amount of energy stored in...

Unaccounted Transduction Extends the Conservation of Energy

However, that law is for a special case. It assumes that there is no energy flow.Since every charge in the universe already violates both that 3-symmetry and t-symmetry of energy flow, the fundamental assumption in the Einstein of energy law is a special case where only the two mentioned energy flow symmetries are upheld. When they are violated, then transduction of EM energy between 3-space and time occurs. For that case, the conservation of energylawmustbeextendedto

Transduction Between Time Charging and Spatial Energy Charging

In a situation where 3-symmetry and t-symmetry in EM energy flow are broken, part of the time charging of the atomic electrons (or ions) sometimes changes (transduces) into spatial energy charging and viceversa. This cross-dimensional decay of time-excitation states results in the emission of some extra transverse photons that may be either photons or antiphotons, depending on the exact interactions. The point is, tremendous excess EM spatial energy can appear and either be emitted as heat or interacted to perform new nuclear interactions as extraordinarily high local energy density. This is the master mechanism enabling anomalous cold fusion transmutation reactions. The amount of time transduced will be so small that it will usually escape notice, unless stringent efforts are used to measure changes in the local flow of time.

Heavisides Excess Energy Circulation Flow and Gravity Theory

The next theory of gravity of interest to us is that of Oliver Heaviside. Heaviside noted that his extra EM energy flow term was a trapped EM energy circulation 501 . He realized that, if that trapped EM energy circulation were taken as gravitational in nature, his energy flow theory could be converted into a unified theory incorporating both electrodynamics and gravitation. After his death, his handwritten notes on the theory were found beneath the floorboards in the little garret apartment he had long occupied. No one knows what other papers he may have had the place was ransacked and looted prior to the discovery of these remaining papers hidden beneath the floorboards papers the looters had missed.

Treatment of the time variable

In order to predict the performance of systems consisting of one or several energy converters, stores and transmission devices, a mathematical model of the energy flow may be constructed. Such a model is composed of a number of energy conversion and transport equations, including source and sink terms corresponding to the renewable energy input and the output to load areas, both of which are varying with time. The conversion processes depend on the nature of the individual devices, and the description of such devices (cf. Chapter 4) aims at providing the necessary formulae for a sufficiently complete description of the processes involved. In a number of cases (e.g. among those considered in Chapter 4) only a steady-state situation is studied, and the energy outputs are calculated for a given level of energy input. In a time-dependent situation, this type of calculation is insufficient, and a dynamic description must be introduced in order to evaluate the response time and energy-flow...

Teslas Single Wire Circuit

Tesla Vacuum Energy

See Figure 4-5, which diagrammatically shows one of Tesla's developments, which used a retroreflective single wire circuit between two large separated capacitances. This was the basic approach used in his magnifying transmitter and in several other circuits. Here the dipolarity exists between two accumulators, one at each end of a long conductive path with a load in the middle. AC operation is used, by setting up oscillation end-to-end along the single wire circuit, from accumulator to accumulator. Even so, no overunity operation will be experienced unless passive retroreflection of the normally wasted Heaviside component of each energy flow passage occurs back from each receiving end, so to speak 265 . That is possible if specialized dielectric material and construction is used in the end capacitors.

Excerpts from Letter No to Josef Brunnader

Recently some Englishmen came to visit me in order to make a closer study of the natural production of life-force that arises through the agency of the digestive process. In principle, this build-up of force, which serves to overcome physical and mental heaviness, is the same force that causes the Earth to float in space and provides for its perpetual motion about its diamagnetic longitudinal axis. If the planetary motion of the Earth, water or air is copied, then the build-up of levitational forces proceeds correctly. This form of motion is also exploited by all types of blood and sap. The ancients called it the 'Eternal Flow' (panta Rhei), the eternal, cycloid-spiral-space-curve circulation, which is a circular motion within a circle,. - is whether predominantly dia-magnetically or di-electrically supercharged concentrates of dynagen become free and active. This reconstitution of inorganic (reduced) residues of former life into reproductive and upwardly evolving repositories of...

Structure and procedure

First, the system components referring to the respective utilisation method are discussed and subsequently explained within the context of the overall energy conversion system. This includes the characteristic curve, the energy flow as well as the respective losses given within the entire provision or conversion chain. In

Iterative Retroreflection and Collection in a Circuit

Pentagono Washington

The normal circuit attached to a generator or other external power supply is the external portion of the overall closed current loop circuit passing back through, and including, the source dipole in the power supply. In a DC external circuit, we may consider that the energy flow pours forth steadily from the terminals of the generator (from the dipolarity between them) into space surrounding the external circuit. Since the external conductors act as a sort of guide, this transmitted external energy flow is generally parallel to the external conductors. The external circuit further acts as a receiver. The surface charges and their fields intercept and interact with some of the transmitted energy flowing parallel to the conductors and outside them. This interaction diverts a component of that passing energy flow into the conductors, powering the Drude electrons. This powers the external circuit. The nondiverted component of the passing energy flow usually much larger escapes on out into...

Use of the Aharonov Bohm Effect in the MEG

205 More accurately there is one specific curvature of spacetime in the core of the MEG, representing the confined magnetic field B (the localized swirling A-potential), and there is another different curvature of spacetime outside the localization zone, filled with the nonlocalized curl-free (non-swirling) A-potential as a nonlocalized linear energy flow in space. Further, in the MEG we freely change and increase the magnitude of those spacetime curvatures, by the rate of change of the input energy rather than by its magnitude, and hence we easily increase the magnitude of the energy density of local space both inside and outside the core. That is the fundamental principle of the MEG s energy amplification (free regauging). We also point out that all these amplified E-fields produced by multiple actions have both a conventional Poynting energy flow component and an unaccounted, much larger Heaviside energy flow component. Thus the total energy amplification factor can be very large...

How the Dipole Charges Transduce Time Energy

We present a simplified analogy69 that allows one to visualize how the dipole transduces the incoming time-like longitudinal EM energy flow into 3-space real EM energy flow for negative charge, or vice versa in the case of positive charge. With a little oversimplification, a charge may be said to spin 720 degrees in one complete rotation. For our purposes, it spins 360 in the imaginary plane (over in ict), and then spins 360 in the real plane (in 3-space). Thus the negative charge can absorb the incoming EM energy flow in the complex plane, transduce or flip the absorbed EM energy into 3-space to begin its 360 degrees in 3-space, and the excitation can decay during that 3-space spin part of the cycle. The only variable in ict is the t, so any energy flow has to be by means of the variation of the t-variable . We already argued in a previous chapter that time can be treated as highly compressed spatial energy, having the same energy density as mass. So absorbing a very tiny amount of...

Description Of The Figures And System Operation

The process in this invention is described in a description below and in the process gain block diagram cited below and attached as separate sheets, which are intended to be read in conjunction with the following set of drawings, which include (1) the background Lenz reactions, Poynting and Heaviside energy flow operations, Heaviside energy flow component, giant negentropy operation, Whittaker's decomposition of the scalar potential, and creation and use of curved local spacetime utilized in the invention, and (2) the principles, the functional block diagram, a physical laboratory test and phenomenology device, and the process operation of the invention as well as typical measurements of a laboratory proof-of-principle device. Figure 1 graphically shows Whittaker's decomposition 1, 29, 30 of the scalar potential into a harmonic set of phase conjugate longitudinal EM wavepairs. The 3-symmetry of EM energy flow is broken 16, 26 by the dipolarity of the potential, and 4-symmetry in...

Additional Very Important Implications

We also formally proposed 40 that the vast nondiverged EM energy flow component Heaviside's dark nondiverged energy flow component, accompanying every reaction of a charge with a field or a potential, but arbitrarily discarded by Lorentz and modern classical electrodynamicists is the generatrix for the extra gravity holding the arms of the spiral galaxies together, after all the dark matter is accounted.18 18 Heaviside himself recognized the gravitational implications of his extra component of energy flow, which is in closed circular loops. Beneath the floorboards of his little garret apartment, years after his death, handwritten papers were found where Heaviside used this component for a unified EM approach to gravitation. See E. R. Laithwaite, Oliver Heaviside - establishment shaker, Electrical Review, 211(16), Nov. 12, 1982, p. 44-45. Laithwaite felt that Heaviside's postulation that a flux of gravitational energy combines with the (ExH) electromagnetic energy flux, could shake the...

Intelligent grids

Combining evolving information technology with the proven technology of the existing power grid infrastructure leads to a paradigm shift. To enable distributed energy to become prominent and provide multi-benefits, as many electrical engineers consider is technically feasible, the thousands of small generation components of a system would need to be linked together using intelligent controls that, through internet and wifi technologies, would be used to produce a balanced system at all times. Integrating energy storage and load management control into the system to manage peak periods can also be a crucial part of the design in order to give high quality and reliable power.27 Siemens list five building blocks that will assist in developing the current power grid into an intelligent grid (Julliard, 2009) improved management of critical grid conditions with the control system giving 'self-healing' condition monitoring with real time on-line maintenance better control of load flows smart...


The Earth is surrounded with a sea of energy that is pulsing and is constantly being supplied by a Universal energy system. This energy field that we call the Ionosphere supplies all of the energy needs on our planet. Like the other units we have presented, this Romag-Generator taps into this energy field, converts the energy into something that we can use, and then releases the energy back into the system. This unit, like the others, recycles the Earth's magnetic energy, in fact, all these units cannot function if the energy is not getting recycled because the buildup of energy causes them to stop working. When we present machinery that connects to the Universal energy mechanism, we are opening a whole new world. These concepts are nothing new, but we have yet to see them implemented in our societies. This technology is so far beyond electricity is its versatility and applications, there is absolutely no comparison. Magnetic energy can manifest as force fields, as fields with various...

Energy and Industry

Imports coal, and especially oil to cover the energy imbalances. The oil embargo by the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in 1973, gave the first serious warning and alarm to industrialized countries that energy self-sufficiency is an essential part of any country concerned for its economic, social, and even cultural survival. In fact, the technological and industrial developments in the last 150 years rendered many countries to energy-dependent status.


For a power system to be an efficient channel of energy flow from generators to consumers the task should be accomplished with the minimum energy loss. Because of the need to supply a constant voltage, it is also necessary that the desirable energy transfers are achieved within specified upper and lower voltage limits at the system junctions or nodes. These requirements have led to certain analytical concepts that are particular to power systems engineering.

Power quality

The system frequency at 50 hertz (Hz) has to be controlled within the specified limits of +0.5Hz by balancing power supply and demand. Exact balancing is not possible at all times, leading to changes in frequency as variations in the total energy flow are absorbed and returned by the large reservoir of energy afforded by the combined rotating masses of the large turbine-generating plant in the conventional power stations. This plant, locked together in synchronism, rotates at 3000 revolutions per minute (rpm) +30rpm and provides the flexibility necessary for the instantaneous balancing of supply and demand. Unlike other interconnected continental power systems, the British system is an island system connected only by high voltage direct current (HVDC) links to neighbouring systems. HVDC links do not provide frequency control thus, frequency control has to be exercised entirely within the national system.


Thus the pressure falls off rapidly along the length of the pipe, and frequent pumping (recompression) stations are needed to maintain the flow. As a numerical example, a pipe of diameter 30 cm, carrying methane at a mean pressure about 40 times atmospheric, holds an energy flow of about 500MW, which is very substantial, see Problem 16.7. According to (16.23), larger pipes (bigger D) will require much less pumping. The most economical balance between pipe size (capital cost) and pump separation (running cost) depends largely on the accessibility of the pipe. Construction costs are very variable, but are unlikely to be less than US 0.2GJ-1 (1000km)-1.

Storage Devices

Superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) stores energy within a magnetic field created by the flow of direct current in a coil of superconducting material. Typically, the coil is maintained in its superconducting state through immersion in liquid helium at 4.2 K within a vacuum-lnsulated cryostat. A power electronic converter interfaces the SMES to the grid and controls the energy flow bidirectionally. With the recent development of materials that exhibit superconductivity closer to room temperatures this technology may become economically viable.

Energy system

- Primary energy carriers are substances which have not yet undergone any technical conversion, whereby the term primary energy refers to the energy content of the primary energy carriers and the primary energy flows. From primary energy (e.g. wind power, solar insulation) or primary energy carriers (e.g. hard coal, lignite, crude oil, and biomass) secondary energy or secondary energy carrier can either be produced directly or by one or several conversion steps. - Secondary energy carriers are energy carriers that are produced from primary or other secondary energy carriers, either directly or by one or several technical conversion processes (e.g. gasoline, heating oil, rape oil, electrical energy), whereby the term secondary energy refers to the energy content of the secondary energy carrier and the corresponding energy flow. This processing of primary energy is subject to conversion and distribution losses. Secondary energy carriers and secondary energies are available to be...

Gedanken Experiment

We advance a gedanken experiment to illustrate. Consider a perfect generator with no losses, and with two perfect conductors and a purely resistive load R1 connected across its terminals. Call the mechanical energy input to the shaft of the generator Win. Call the Poynting diverged energy flow component Wr that is intercepted by the attached circuit and powers R1. Call the Heaviside nondiverged energy flow component Wh that misses the circuit and is wasted. As an energy transducer, the total energy output Wout from the terminals of the generator is

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Charge controllers are vital components in battery-based PV systems, keeping the PV array from overcharging the batteries and optimizing charge current. These smart little boxes are placed between the PV array and the battery bank, and allow maximum energy in when the batteries are at a low state of charge (SOC) and reduce incoming energy from the array as the batteries approach full. When the battery reaches 100 SOC, the charge controller reduces the energy flow to a small maintenance (float) charge. Without a charge controller, a battery can be overcharged, resulting in excessive battery gassing and, in chronic cases, damage to the battery, shortening its life span.

Side View

Rotor Characteristics Pvc

It is not possible to operate a load off the battery under charge during the charging process as this disrupts the energy flow. Some of these circuits recommend that a separate 4 foot long earthing rod be used to earth the negative side of the driving battery, but to date, Ron has not experimented with this. In passing, it is good practice to enclose any lead-acid battery in a battery box. Marine chandlers can supply these as they are used extensively in boating activities. It is important to understand that the circuit-driving energy and the battery-charging energy do not come from the sharp pulses applied to the battery. Instead, the additional energy flows in from the environment, triggered by the pulses generated by the Bedini circuit. In other words, the Bedini pulses act as a tap on the external energy source and are not themselves the source of the extra power.

Chapter Magnet Power

Bedini Motor Self Running

Well, the answer is that the magnet does not actually exert any power at all. In the same way that a solar panel does not put any effort into producing electricity, the power of a magnet flows from the environment and not from the magnet at all. The electrical pulse which creates the magnet, aligns the atoms inside the iron and creates a magnetic dipole which has the same effect that the electrical dipole of a battery does. It polarises the quantum environment surrounding it and causes great streams of energy flow around itself. One of the attributes of this energy flow is what we call magnetism and that allows the magnet to stick to the door of your refrigerator and defy gravity for years on end. Unlike the battery, we do not put it in a position where it immediately destroys its own dipole, so as a result, energy flows around the magnet, pretty much indefinitely. We are told that permanent magnets can't be used to do useful work. That is not true.

N Free News High

Construction Capacitor

You must also take into consideration the voltage that will be applied to the capacitor. That will affect your choice of a dielectric and thus its required thickness. Should you use an inadequate dielectric or thickness. sparks or arcs can result. A spark is a temporary breakdown that a lot of capacitors will survive, but an arc is serious it is a path burned into the dielectric or other component. Arcs carbonize materials, producing a highly conductive channel that often renders an apparatus useless and very likely dangerous. Except in special cases where the insulator is a self-healing type (like air. oil, and some plastics), a single arc will ruin the capacitor.

Thomas Henry Moray

Free Energy Devices

Calculated the flux density of the vacuum. Applying Einstein's E mC formula indicates that there is enough energy in every 1 cc of empty space, to create all of the matter in the visible universe which can be seen with our most powerful telescopes. That amount of energy is so great as to be beyond imagining. This energy field is referred to as Universal Energy , Cosmic Energy or Zero Point Energy . At this time, we do not have any instrument which responds directly to this energy and so it is almost impossible to measure. Because of the negative charge of the electron, the particles appearing and disappearing around it will all be positive in charge. The electron has polarised the space around itself because it has a charge. The instant that a positive virtual particle appears, there are two charges near each other - minus on the electron and plus on the particle. When you have two opposite charges near each other, they form a dipole . Dipoles form a gateway through which energy from...

End View

Electrical Bike Engine Exploded View

To recap the underlying principle of the power of magnets is that each permanent magnet mentioned here, has two magnetic poles (one North and one South pole) and these poles being of opposite type and near each other, form a dipole . This dipole unbalances the quantum environment around the magnet, causing continuous streams of energy to flow out in every direction from the magnet. These streams of energy are not what we see as lines of magnetic force, and to date, nobody has managed to design any piece of equipment which responds to that energy and which can be used to measure it. At this point in time, all we can do to estimate the energy flow is to divert it into a battery and then assess the battery charge by measuring the length of time that the battery can power a load from the energy which it received. This is a very crude method, but it does work.

To Heal The Planet

The magnetic energy we are referring to could be called the Life Force Energy. It manifests in an infinite variety of forms, sustaining all life. These devices harness this natural flow allowing us to use this limitless supply of energy. Our current methods of providing energy have negative, often

In Conclusion

In this Chapter, we have stressed what we believe to be a great new principle of giant negentropy, leading to direct and easy extraction of EM energy from the vacuum in copious quantities. That principle is that nature retains her preferred 4-symmetry of EM energy flow, while breaking 3-symmetry of EM energy flow and the symmetry of EM time-energy flow on the fourth axis. It is implemented by making a common dipole or charge. The electrical energy problem is not due to any difficulty in inducing giant and indefinitely continuing EM energy flows from the vacuum The easiest thing in the world is to extract EM energy any amount, anywhere, anytime from the seething vacuum, by making a simple dipolarity. The problem is only in then intercepting and collecting some of the energy to dissipate in loads, and doing it without using half the collected energy to We have pointed out the implications of the new principle of negentropy in EM energy flow, and how all our circuits and electrical power...

System components

As an example, Fig. 3.2 illustrate the energy flow through double-glazing. Only one part of the incident solar radiation is transferred into the interior, whereas the remaining part is reflected from the outer pane surface. The radiation share directly transferred into the interior through both panes is indicated, in proportion to the radiation incidence on the outer pane surface, by the transmission coefficient ze. Another portion of the incident solar radiation is absorbed by the glass panes and heats up the gap between the two panes, and thus leads to further heat transmission into the interior by long wave radiation and convection. The g-value or energy transmittance factor indicates the ratio of total heat transferred into the interior and the incident radiation.


Figure 1.10 Renewable energy flow paths Figure 1.10 Renewable energy flow paths A substantial proportion of the incident radiation is reflected back to space. Over the last several millennia and up to the onset of the industrial revolution, energy inputs and outputs have been in equilibrium at a global temperature level suitable for the development of the earth's biosphere. Exploiting the incident energy through the application of renewable energy technology does not disturb this balance. Intercepted natural energy flows, for example converted to electricity and then converted again by consumers into mechanical, chemical or light energy, all eventually degrade into heat.

Overall Description

In the MEG 661 (Figure 11-1), one uses a nanocrystalline material core path with the unique characteristic of drawing in almost all the magnetic field energy of an emplaced permanent magnet. The B-field flux from the magnet is withdrawn from its normal position in surrounding space and sharply confined to that material core path. Around the core there freely appears an additional curl-free magnetic vector potential A energy flow, since the surrounding spacetime is still curved due to the interaction exchange of vacuum and magnet dipole, and therefore still contains extra energy. The operator inputs no energy whatsoever after the magnet is once

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