Automagic Battery Watering

WE MAKE WATER FROM YOUR GAS Hydrogen and oxygen battery gas catalytically recombined into pure water and returned to each battery cell. Keeps battery topped off for extended periods of time and reduces maintenance costs. Explosive hydrogen gas is virtually eliminated from the battery area. Corrosive spray and fumes are contained and washed back into each battery cell. Electrolyte kept strong longer, extending the useful power and life of the battery. HYDROCAP Vents simply replace the battery's caps. Battery maintenance is greatly reduced. Write or call for more information.

305-696-2504 975 NW 95 St.

Things that Work! Miami, FL 331 50



Turbines Site Analysis Equipment Installation


Turbines Site Analysis Equipment Installation

Solar Plexus

130 W. Front St. Missoula MT 59802 Phone / Fax: (406) 721-1130

Full Line of Chest Style High Efficiency

Solar Powerable Refrigerators & Freezers

Cost Competative Units. NEW 8 cu. ft. Tropical Freezer

(almost double the Insulation) Coming Soon! 7 cu. ft.

Refrigerator with Freezer. Options: 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 120 VDC, 120 VAC, Top Laminate Colors, Dual Controls & Water Preheating Condenser

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