Sanitation methods practiced around the globe, both primitive and advanced, are discussed as are the mechanics of the composting process. Great attention is given to the types of dangerous pathogens present in human waste and the exact conditions necessary to completely and safely neutralize them. Moldering and thermophilic humanure composting systems are discussed and their performance in killing pathogens analyzed in depth. The author's 15 years experience composting humanure for use on his family's food crops, development of his low-tech, low-cost process and extensive research provide us with a valuable reference for safely dealing with what can be an odious issue.

This book may not be right for everyone, particularly those who take easy offense at the earthy humor sprinkled throughout the book. "Mr. Turdley" pops up from time to time to pass on the occasional tip and fun is poked at what's considered the civilized way of dealing with our waste. I thought it was great. This is important and useful information and this book brings it all together. After reading it I'll never look on the process of elimination quite the same way.


Correspondence and/or book orders may be addressed to: Jenkins Publishing, PO Box 607, Grove City, PA 16127. Humanure has 198 pages and costs $19.00 U.S., ISBN 0-9644258-4-X


Organic Gardeners Composting

Organic Gardeners Composting

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