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Stop the Bailout

Don Loweburg

©1997 Don Loweburg

The Competitive Transition Charge (CTC) debate continues to heat up. We closed last issue's column with the mention of arrests at a PUC protest in Philadelphia. Public Citizen's Critical Mass Project has also just issued a statement of principles for the "Stop the Bailout Coalition". IPP supports the Coalition and would be happy to forward by e-mail the full statement of principles to interested parties. I would like to share some supporting comments made by Charlie Higley, Senior Policy Analyst with Critical Mass.

"For decades electric utilities reaped fat profits from over-priced power plants. Now, with competition threatening the money harvest, the utility lobby is spending millions of dollars in campaign contributions to buy the vote of state and federal lawmakers. The word has come down from a new legion of robber barons: "Bail out our bad assets."

Forcing consumers to bail out the utilities for their bad investments in nuclear and coal-fired power plants will keep our rates high, stifle competition and pollute the environment. Utilities made these bad investments.

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