Four process color (CMYK) in any sized advertisement for a flat rate $185 per insertion. For inserts, and current subscriber/circulation demographics, please call us.

Home Power is published bi-monthly. Ad deadline for the Dec '96 / Jan '97 issue (HP #62) is 20 Oct 1997. Call 916-475-3179 for further details.

International Home Power Subscriptions

Due to the high cost of international mailing, we charge more for Home Power international subscriptions.


All payments in U.S. currency ONLY!

Western Hemisphere: Air — $40 Surface — $30 Europe: Air — $53 Surface — $30

Surface shipment may take up to three months to get to you. All international issues shipped in mailing envelopes. International subs are best paid for by either VISA, MasterCard, or funds from a U.S. bank.

International orders call: 916-475-0830 or FAX: 916-475-0941


MicroAd rates are 100 per character. Characters are letters, numbers, spaces, and punctuation marks. $15 minimum per MicroAd insertion. Send check with your ad. We do not bill MicroAds.

Home Power Magazine for Resale

Quantities of Home Power Magazine are available for resale by distributors, newsstands, bookstores, energy businesses, and others. Please call or write for rates and shipment specifics.

Back Issues of Home Power Magazine

Back issues through #20 are $3.25 each ($4.25 each outside USA) while they last. Sorry no more issues #1-#10, #12, #14, #15, #16, #35, #36, #38 or #41. Back issues of #21 through #45 are $4.75 each ($6 each outside USA). Back issues #46 to the present issue are $5.75 each ($7.25 outside USA). Back issues are shipped First Class mail in an envelope or box. See the ad index for current Home Power back issue specials. Back issues #1-#42 on CD-ROM for $29 each (US$32 outside USA).

First Class Home Power Subscription

Home Power Magazine (6 issues) via First Class U.S. Domestic Mail for $36. Many of you have asked for faster delivery of your issues. So here it is: First Class Home Power. All First Class issues shipped in an envelope. We start your subscription immediately with the current issue.

Second Class Home Power Subscription

Home Power (6 issues) via Second Class U.S. Domestic Mail for $22.50. Second Class is forwardable for one issue (2 months), so let us know immediately if you move! We start your sub with the next scheduled issue, so please allow ten weeks for your first copy to arrive.

ACCESS "■«► Home Power, PO Box 520, Ashland, OR 97520 USA 800-707-6585 or 916-475-0830 Subscriptions and Back Issues pST| f! 916-475-3179 Advertising and Editorial. Web:

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