The Alternative Power Specialists

Technical know-how & support

Anybody can sell you alternative energy equipment, but few have the professional experience to help you choose, correctly install and use it. We offer a Techline for customer support on hydro, wind, solar and pumping installations. What's more, we live and work with what we sell.Our homes, warehouse and offices are powered by solar, wind or hydro systems. Our experience provides you with high-quality, /A „ j* reliable energy products at affordable prices.

One of the largest inventories

We stock Solec/BP PV panels Trace and other inverters wind and hydro generators, SunFrost, VestFrost propane refrigerators, washing machines, space and water heaters, meters, power centers, fans, composting toilets, lights, pumps, cables, fuses, solar toys, switches and much more.

Call or write for a free catalog and design guide

We'll take you step-by-step through the process of creating a workable energy system.

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