The High Utilization Positive Plate

Innovative technology is what separates SolarOne™ from the rest of the pack. Delivering full capacity for more total cycles than conventional batteries, Solar-One batteries are eng/neerec/ for oufsfanding performance, from fhe inside ouf/

A Take a close look at the Solar-One unique high-utilization positive plate, and you will see that it is our positive grid that provides the foundation for So/ar-One Positive Plate Technology. Incorporating the highest quality raw material available in the industry. The So/ar-One grid uses our own metallurgical formulation and a computer-controlled grid casting system, anofher industry exclusive! The result:

B the So/ar-One grid contains larger lead crystals, and larger crystals mean fewer points for corrosion to attack the battery.

C To accommodate grid corrosion and growth, many battery manufacturers are forced to use a "floating seal", a battery design which is far more subject to leakage than the Solar-One's burned posf-to-cover seal. Having controlled the growth of our positive grid, the So/ar-One seal is stronger and less vulnerable to leakage.

D The key to Solar-One's

tradition of longer battery life at full capacity is our patented H.U.P. technology (US patent #4,135,829.). H.U.P. is a process which optimizes both the active material utilization and the longevity of the positive paste. A colloidal suspension of tetrafluoroethylene (Teflon®) is added, at precisely measured volume, temperature, and time, to the paste mix and causes the formation of a pervasive network of fibers throughout the active material.

E This process known as fibrillation, locks the active material into place and virtually eliminates flaking and shedding - the chief causes of battery failure.

F Tested at the National Battery Testing facility batteries with H.U.P. have been shown fo increase working life by at least 20%, with absolutely no sacrifice of capacity! In fact, H.U.P. batteries deliver full capacity longer, have faster voltage recovery with lower internal resistance, and last longer than conventiona/ batteries. For more power in your Renewable Energy System look for the H.U.P. Solar-One™ label. High Utilization Positive plate technology only from:

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