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Total driving them in vertically or at a 45 degree angle, so they were installed horizontally in trenches 30 inches (76 cm) deep. These ground rods, along with the concrete encased mounting poles for the array rack, make up a code corner

Technical Specifications

System Overview


System type: Off-grid PV

Manufacturer and model: Xantrex SW4024

Location: Las Cruces, New Mexico

Nominal DC input voltage: 24 VDC

Production: 350 AC KWH per month average

Nominal AC output voltage: 120 VAC



Manufacturer and model: Sharp NE-Q5E2U

Manufacturer and model: Trojan L-16HC

Number of modules: 20

Battery type: Flooded lead-acid

Module STC wattage: 165 W

Individual battery specifications: 6 VDC nominal, 390

Module nominal voltage: 24 VDC

AH at the 20-hour rate

Array STC wattage: 3,300 W

Number of batteries: 16

Array nominal voltage: 48 VDC

Battery pack specifications: 24 VDC nominal, 1,560 AH

Array combiner box: Xantrex TCB-10 with 10 A fuses

System Performance Metering

RV Power Products digital meters on two charge

Array disconnect: Xantrex DC250 enclosure with one

controllers; two remotes in house

75 A breaker for each subarray, and one 175 A main PV breaker

Xantrex SWRC remote control for inverter in house

Array installation: Power Fab DP-RGM4-SH165

Xantrex TM500 battery monitor in house

ground-mount, facing due south, tilted at latitude

Engine Generator

Charge Controller

Manufacturer and model: Onan Marquis Platinum

Manufacturer and model: Two RV Power Products

KW rating: 6.5 at sea level; 6.0 as installed

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