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To manufacture the most powerful PV modules available

When you specify RWE SCHOTT Solar photovoltaic modules, such as our flagship ASE 300, you're offering customers the top of the line power output, longevity and life-cycle cost. Highest quality equates to best value.

To provide complete photovoltaic system solutions

RWE SCHOTT Solar systems are easy to install and easy to maintain, with innovative designs and unique features not available from the competition. Our technical superiority results in lower installation costs and reduced maintenance expenses -producing higher value for you and your customers.

For comprehensive technical and sales support

Whatever assistance you need to support your business -- sales, engineering, installation, testing, commissioning, documentation -we can provide. You can concentrate on your core competencies while providing your customers total service solutions.

Check out the RWE SCHOTT Solar partner programs at www.rweschottsolar.us/partner. We'll make your choice as easy as 1-2-3.

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Solar Power

Solar Power

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