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Copyright 1996 - 2003

Copyright 1996 - 2003

Homebrew Capacitor Plastic

10,000 to 25,000 volt capacitor 10,000 to 25,000 volt capacitor

In our above HV Capacitor design, we used a clear plastic make up container that we purchased from a local K-Mart Store in the women's dept. We then purchased 5" x 50 foot aluminum sheeting from a hardware store, you will need 2 rolls. We then cut the aluminum in small pieces of 5" x 6" sheets. Once you are done with cutting both rolls up. Then you will need to make your bolt holes on the ends of your positive and your negative plates. You will need a good 3-M spray adhesive, which must spray a fine spray, you can purchase this at any Hardware or Art Store. Now you will need to cut 6" x 6" plastic Mylar pieces for your die electric. You will need to bond them to the aluminum plates. Use a 3 mil or a 4 mill plastic, this should hold up under 10,000 vdc.

Cut a small piece of ^"plywood to 5" x 6" then drill your bolt holes using the + and negative plate as a template, Now you will need a small drill press, set up a wood jig with register marks so you can drill holes in all the other aluminum plates in the exact same spot. Holes should be a little bigger than the bolt. Even out 2 stacks of 5" x 6" aluminum plates, start off drilling the one stake first and mark each one as +. This will help you later and you will thank me for it. Then do the Neg plates the same way. Make sure you drill holes in the exact same place, so all bolt holes will line up correctly when you push the holding bolts through. When you are finished drilling holes, place 4 guide bolts through the bottom of your plywood base. Using these bolts as guides. Now spray the top of the plywood with adhesive. Now place your first 5" x 6" + plate on it, press down firmly. Now spray your mylar plastic on a sheet of cardboard away from your project, spraying only one side, you want to keep the spray away from your project or it will build up on your bolts. Now place the mylar to the right side of the holes, press firmly, now spray one side of your Neg. Plate and insert over the right side bolts. The left bolts are for your + plates and the Right side is for your Negative plates. Now repeat this over and over again. Be careful and not to forget to place Mylar plastic in-between each + and Negative plate. Or they will short out.

It will take you about 16 hrs of work to finish, once you are done place 2 bolts on the top of your plastic lid. Connect the left one to the left bolts using 8 guage wire or wire rated for the amount of voltage and amperage you are going to use capacitor for, do the same for the right.

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