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This is a 4,000 volt to 5,000 volt Homemade High Voltage Capacitor, We made this capacitor for our free energy experiments and it worked very well. We used aluminum roof sheeting from a hardware store, we cut aluminum to 4 x 6" sheets and used about 200 pieces. In this design we only used one bolt hole per side, we found that was a mistake, it is far better to have 2 bolt holes per side. Each hole must be drilled on a jig so as to get all the holes drilled in the exact same spot on each piece. If holes are not drilled in the same spot, you will have a large problem when trying to push the + and Negative bolt conductors through the holes. You can not assemble and glue all the negative and positive stacks together and then drill one hole, it does not work we already tried that.

The more aluminum plates you stack and add to your capacitor the more amperage your Capacitor will be rated at and will hold. But as an example, if you cut 200 pieces then you will use 100 pieces for the positive side and 100 pieces for the negative side. Cut 10 mil Mylar clear sheeting larger than the aluminum, if you do not your capacitor will arc. But even if it does arc it will not destroy your capacitor you will just see a lot of cool looking sparks going off inside of the clear casing. Make a plywood base with 4 wood dowel rods coming up from the wood base, so you can place each sheet through the rods and down flat onto the wood base, for example: Left rods will be positive, and the 2 right rods will be negative. If you have all your aluminum pieces cut and drilled then begin placing them onto the wood base, first place a positive plate through the left wood dowels and onto the wood base, then spray one piece of precut mylar with spray adhesive, let dry 30 to 60 seconds and then place over top of the positive aluminum plate located on your wood base that you placed down earlier, now spray the top of mylar also and then place your negative plate onto the left dowel rods and down onto the mylar, you will repeat this step until you have one large capacitor stack. Before inserting your metal bolts, place metal washers in between the plates, start with the positive side first then the negative side, you can insert washer as you are placing the bolt through each plate at a time. Optional: You can use 2 bolts and 2 dowel rods, + gets one wood rod and one

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