Forged Wheel For Pelton Hydrowater Turbine In Hydro Power And Hydroelectric Mail

12 V pelton wheel/alternator


total |$14,SGG

up the difference. It will turn on the 50, 100, and 800 watt dummy loads to produce the total 1200 watt load requirement. The load adjustments occur at the rate of ten per second, in 25 watt steps, which at times gives the appearance of a disco going on at the rear of my garage. The light bulbs still manage a few years of use.

Damage Control

Included with my control system is a separate circuit board which is mounted close to the alternator. In case of control board or power line failure, it senses potentially damaging under and over frequency. It then responds by shutting down the turbine-alternator unit.


Author: John Hermans, 320 Bellbird Rd., Clifton Creek, Vic. 3875, Australia

Micro-hydro governor available from J. A. Brebner PL, 74 Second St., Ashbury, N. S. W. 2193, Australia E-Mail: [email protected] Web:

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