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Pictured above is the shape of the blades. You can see how the blade is tapered. At the tip (radius = 60 inches) its 3 inches wide. At the half way point (Radius = 30 inches) it's 6 inches wide. Draw a line between those two points and extend it to where it meets the edge of the board (this will be somewhere around radius 14 inches but it can vary depending on the width of your lumber) . You can either make a template and trace it onto all three blades, or just lay it out on one blade and cut out the profile, then trace it to the other three. Cut out the blades with a band saw, circular saw or whatever you happen to have available.

Pictured above is detail of the root of the blade. This drawing will help you with the layout. You need a 120 deg angle at the root so all three blades fit together tightly. Lay this out on all three blades and cut them out.

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