AC breaker panel

This is the point where all of the homes electrical wiring meets with the provider of the electricity, whether it is the grid, a solar electric system or a wind electric system. This unit is usually found in a utility room a garage of or mounted in a metal box on the outside of the building.

Each state/country has different standards for the way solar energy is connected to the AC breaker panel. For a grid inter-tied solar electric system your have to realize that in most countries it is illegal to hook up your solar energy system to the AC breaker panel unless you are a qualified electrician. At this point we recommend you call your local power company or an electrician.

Power Plant

If you do not wish to go as far as connecting your system to the breaker panel you can simply run your appliances straight from your AC inverter. Running your appliances straight from the inverter is easy and a very cheap option.

Solar Power

Solar Power

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