Wait a minute Solar Panels

That's right, and the light went on in my head. Here was our source of free solar panels. I asked Jane to quickly write down the name and phone number of the company written down on the sign. It was obviously a rental company.

On Monday morning we called them up to inquire about the solar panels. The company receptionist said that 'Yes, the signs get hit all the time, and yes, we could probably have the cracked solar panels after the insurance company looked at them."

It turns out that this company installs 5- 65 watt solar panels on each unit. After getting the company approval we totaled away 13 slightly damaged solar panels.

The workman that we talked to at the equipment yard said that "because the panels are mounted on the top of the mobile signs, they

Power Plant rarely take a direct hit, and are frequently only cracked or shattered." He didn't know if they still worked.

After getting the panels home we wanted to know just that. Do they still work? We put them in full sunlight at noon and measured the current to see if they still produced power.

Only two of the units were ruined beyond fixing. The remaining eleven panels produced about 20 to 24 watts of power apiece in full sunshine.

That meant we had over 200 watts of solar panels, about $1000 worth for the cost of going to get them!

That is about as close to free solar panels as you will ever find. Just find out the name of the company who rent signs to the highway maintenance company and give them a call.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

Global warming is a huge problem which will significantly affect every country in the world. Many people all over the world are trying to do whatever they can to help combat the effects of global warming. One of the ways that people can fight global warming is to reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy sources like oil and petroleum based products.

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