Theosophical Interlude

After incidents like this one often can begin to believe in occult teachings about 'guardian angels', likewise in less desirable things like demonic possession. The high frequencies at which these entities operate undoubtedly gives them the power to override the psychic energy of a mere mortal, especially when one is multi-tasked by having to look after bodily and social needs.

Guardian angels can be rather coy. Some friends who were intrigued by the recorded energy fields insisted on having them taken again and again. After the second recording the peaks for the guardian entities disappeared. Either their energy was exhausted or they disliked being put on view. This does not apply to demonic possession.

In some cases, however, I have to emphasize the necessity for exorcism and we are indebted to Eugene Maurey, who proposes certain techniques in his book on Exorcism (1985).

He emphasizes that one should ALWAYS keep at a distance from the client, say six feet or more. The most likely candidates for spirit possession are inadequate individuals who have probably degenerated into layabouts, drug users, alcoholics or criminals. A total stranger is best for doing the exorcism.

Maurey's technique was to dowse for intruding spirits, using a pendulum and/or dowsing rods. The energy field detection system using a computer is a valuable adjunct for detection for those who lack dowsing skills. A good tip is that the exorcist needs to be rested, fed and watered, in warm and pleasant surroundings and emotionally undisturbed. The exorcist also needs to be equipped with their personal 'ring of protection', as mentioned in the case above. In the old days a pentacle was drawn on the floor and one had to keep inside it. Nowadays it suffices to adopt a mental image of a barrier around oneself. Maurey describes erecting a barrier of brilliant white light around himself. One need not be so dramatic, a heavy helmet and cloak, like that worn by Daarth Vader, would suffice.

It would also be advisable to determine whether in fact one had protecting entities around, as in the case of Patti above. Most people have them and later in life become very conscious of the protection they afford. If one knows the name they go under, they can be invoked. The guide can then act as an intermediary. It is inadvisable to contact invading spirits directly. I know it says in the New Testament that Jesus and his disciples did it, but you may not be in the same league as them!

However awful the invading spirit is, (and they are generally not nice or reasonable) they will probably have something, or another entity, which they can relate to and who can exert peer pressure on them. Your spirit guide has the task of finding this friend, relative or teacher that the invading entity can see, recognize and trust.

When this is done, it is up to the exorcist to initiate a dialogue through their spirit guide and the other mediating entity, in an effort to persuade the possessing spirit that they do not belong on this earth plane. Note here that 'guardian angels' can give warnings and avert dangers, but they cannot otherwise act without direction. Angels react but don't have volition. Their 'prime directive' is not to interfere.

Possessing entities are both stubborn and unreasonable, they may not enjoy the company of kindred spirits or go quietly. So it may become necessary to apply pressure. Here the visualization technique again comes in useful. Try to imagine the Ghostbusters technique of forcing the spirit into a container with a strong field around it and shutting the lid. If you haven't watched this series then the Arabian

Nights idea of the Genie trapped in a bottle will do, so long as you don't forget to put in the cork.

It requires psychic energy to create visualizations, so it cannot be kept up for long. It only needs to be long enough to persuade the entity that they would be better off leaving with their kindred spirit.

Nevertheless, they or others like them, will probably be back, once the person you are treating gets drunk, drugged or depressed again. So you may have to go through the whole ritual again. Habits are difficult to break, but if you persist, the person will eventually gain enough will power to build their own defenses.

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