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I have been using this design for more than a year without any problems. The charger is installed in the battery box, under the seat of the tricycle. To charge the batteries, switch S1 is switched on along with the charger. This is a manual battery charger, so I have to switch it off after reading a final voltage of 186 V (15.5 x 12) from the meter. This charger does not dry up my batteries, since peak AC input to the rectifier is 187 V. I have tested this tricycle on various roads, and it has...


Vegetation can be used to induce high and low pressures when building design cannot. Figure 7 illustrates some specific building treatments that are effective in fostering passive building ventilation. The important concept here is that even under moderate wind loads, there are pressure differentials on the outside walls and roof of the structure. If the designer takes advantage of these, it is Vent windows placed high on the downwind wall allow negative pressure to extract hot air from inside....


POWER VENT 12v& 24v- 79 48V-S104 + 7 S& H (cont. U.S.) CO residents add 3 Zephyr Industries, Inc. POB 52, Salida, CO 81201 719.530.0718 Fits inside with 12v 60W pumps your submersible 240' deep with (or stand alone) one solar panel Fits inside with 12v 60W pumps your submersible 240' deep with (or stand alone) one solar panel The Power Crises will touch everything and everyone Re-supply of supermarkets will go from hours to days and maybe weeks. Now is the time to...


Alternative Energy Fair, Umpqua Community College. dallasit EORenew Workshops, '01 John Day, OR. June 1-3 Simple Solar Water Heating, a hands-on installation workshop. July 25-27 Pre-SolWest workshop Upgrade our office to solar Hands-on efficiency & solar upgrade. July 30 John Day, OR. Post-SolWest workshop. How to instrument your system for continuous data logging. EORenew, PO Box 485, Canyon City, OR 97820 541-575-3633 info

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For an earth restored and a world at peace. Solar, Wind, Hydro Independent Electric Power for the Remote Home where utility power is not available. When you speak with Backwoods Solar, your questions are personally answered by people using the products everyday. Our catalog planning guide teaches the basics of installing solar electric residential power. We can refer you to skilled installers in most states. Our mountaintop business, shop, and home have been powered by equipment from our...

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Rugged 18 blade Ampair 100 produces up to 100 Watts continuously, 24 Hours per day, at wind speeds from a 4 8 to 100+ mph. No brakes or furling needed guaranteed at any windspeed Veteran of 3 years continuous Antarctic service. Roof mount is OK pole mount is better. Put it up, hook it up to the batteries and forget it 425 Fairfield Ave., Stamford, CT 06902 (203) 961-8133 FAX (203) 961-0382 e-mail jackrabbitenergy


Position of the sun in the sky at noon on winter solstice, lowest seasonal travel North porch is shaded from the sun at its most extreme northern position Maximum amount of south wall exposed to winter sun. This exposure is a compromise to allow for a reasonable 3 ft. roof overhang, rather than the 5 ft. 2 inches necessary to shade the entire wall. A 3 ft. overhang will block sun from shining in the windows at noon during the warmest time of the year. Base of wall All angles are drawn from this...

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2 AC and 2 DC outlets -expandable 32 watt solar panel UNI-SOLAR amorphous silicon The NOMAD Battery Manager maintains the Xantrex xPower600 battery pack without overcharging. High quality Anderson connectors make the system clean, simple and easy to expand. The NOMAD 600 can use up to 3 solar panels to decrease charge time - 42 and 50 watt panels are also available. Multiple recharging options -- from the solar panel, utility power, a vehicle or a generator.

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American made Invertrix inverter chargers bring hi-tech features, performance and quality that is simply unavailable from the competition And we back our products with an unmatched 6 year warranty RemoteMaster is a typical example of the Invertrix advantage Built-in auto Genset Controller Built-in Smart Charge Bridge To learn the full advantage please visit or call T F 800.536.4900 Invertrix, Inc Ventura, CA. 93003 Phone 805.642.7184 Fax 805.642.7271 Email info


June 1-22, '01 Sustainable Design, Building, amp Land Use Plainfield, VT. Explores history of ag., social ecology amp design, organic ag., appropriate technology, alternative building, permaculture, ecological restoration, more. Institute for Social Ecology 802-454-8493 July 11-14, '01 PV System Installation Ahands-on, how-to installation to supplement distance learning with practical hands-on skills. SoL, PO Box 217, Carbondale, CO 81623 Fax 559-751-2001 SoL...