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1000 Watt Home Wind Turbine


► 5-Year Warranty (Industry's Longest)

► Maintenance Free Design

► Excellent Low Wind Performance

► Nearly Silent Operation

► Three High-Strength PowerFlex Fiberglass Blades, SH 3045 Airfoil*

► Neodymium Super-Magnet Alternator

► AutoFurl "No Worry" Storm Protection

► Fail-Safe Design, No Dump Load Required for Structural Safety

► PowerCenter Multi-function Controller

► OptiCharge Regulation for Extended Battery Life

► Easy Installation with BWC Tilt-up Towers

*Patent Pending

The all new Bergey XL.1 is the most technically advanced small wind turbine ever. It combines excellent low wind performance and the legendary Bergey ruggedness, at costs well below the lightweights. It comes from the world's leading supplier of small wind turbines and is backed by the longest warranty in the business. The XL.1 delivers on value.

Compare features, performance, price, reputation, and warranties. The new Bergey XL.1 is the clear choice for your home energy system.

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