Boost Your Solar Output

Increase Charge Current TO Your Batteries Up To 30%

Patented mPPT Technology can deliver more charge current to your batteries - up to 30% more. Stop throwing away that extra power and use a Solar Boostâ„¢ Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) PV charge controller. Featured in Home Power Magazine "Things That Work" issue #73 and #77. Independent tests prove Solar Boost MPPT controllers deliver more charge current.

new Solar Boost 3048 - 48V/ 24V 30A MPPT controller.

new Solar Boost 2000E - 12V 25A MPPT controller, an improved version of the original Solar Boost 2000, now with a 25A rating and equalization. Solar Boost 50 - 24V/ 12V 50A.

mPPT Power Conversion can charge 12V batteries from 24V array (SB50) and 24V batteries from 48V array (SB3048). These advanced controllers also provide true three stage charge control, electronic current limit, and equalization. An optional user friendly digital display can be built in, remote, or both.

RU Power Products - The recognized leader in quality mPPT charge controllers.

manufactured by RU Power Products and offered by a large network of quality distributors and dealers. Call us today for information or a dealer near you

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