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Diode: D4


10|iF, 300 volts

I have been using this design for more than a year without any problems. The charger is installed in the battery box, under the seat of the tricycle. To charge the batteries, switch S1 is switched on along with the charger. This is a manual battery charger, so I have to switch it off after reading a final voltage of 186 V (15.5 x 12) from the meter. This charger does not dry up my batteries, since peak AC input to the rectifier is 187 V.


I have tested this tricycle on various roads, and it has performed well. It is able to climb 10 degree slopes for a while. Motor temperature remains below 40°C (104°F) after continuous running for more than half an hour. It can go more than 10 km (6 miles) during that time. The motor draws about 1.1 A in slow-speed mode, and about 1.6 A in high-speed mode.

I keep depth of discharge to a minimum, and charge the battery bank as soon as possible. After about a year of use, the batteries are still going strong. I gave this trike to my father. He used it for few months before dying of a heart attack. Now I drive it for fun.

I made two copies of this electric tricycle for handicapped people. I also made a fourth copy using 16 inch (40 cm) diameter wheels. It is bit smaller, but the power pack is similar. My son is very fond of the smaller version shown in the photo on page 86. Total cost of this electric tricycle was about US$220 in 1999. This very cheap electric tricycle is good for fun, and is very useful for handicapped or older people.


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