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Aizaz Iqbal likes the smaller model.


I was not able to find a charger suitable for my use in the local market, so I decided to build one. I purchased iron core winding wire, wound the coil, fitted the core, and tested it. It worked fine. My design is based on a 65 W output. It can easily charge fully discharged 2.5 AH batteries in about six hours. The transformer output voltage is 130 VAC at 500 mA. To limit the charging current, a 12 V, 8 W automobile bulb is used in series.

Circuit diagram and transformer specifications are given in the schematic below. Note that it is a single-coil type transformer. Diode D4, connected in series, is meant to avoid discharge of the batteries through the capacitor. The wiring insulation has to be good.

Charging System »-

Power Supply:

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