Our website has free information on "Using a battery monitor to help maintain your battery system, conserve energy and troubleshoot problems." the TriMetric tm 2020

For beginning or intermediate level, our website explains the basics of "volts", "amps", and "amp-hours" for people who are new to electricity. We have information on maintaining your batteries and hints on minimizing your generator usage. The website also describes how the TriMetric measures the energy content of your batteries. We list complete TriMetric instructions, information on shunts, and troubleshooting meter installation problems. Some files are in "Adobe Acrobat" format. Or mail us $1 for postage and we'll send you (the old fashioned way!) the information on "Using a battery monitor..."

BOGART ENGINEERING Measures: battery volts, amps, % full (based on

19020 Two Bar Road, Boulder Creek, CA 95006 amp-hours), battery lifetime total amp-hours, iio rtZlZ highest and lowest battery voltage, days since

(831) 338-0616 fully charged, and days since equalized. Mounts in standard "double gang" box (optional). Under $200 including shunt.

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DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

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