Sept. 15, '01; Roseburg, OR. Alternative Energy Fair, Umpqua Community College. [email protected]

EORenew Workshops, '01; John Day, OR. June 1-3: Simple Solar Water Heating, a hands-on installation workshop. July 25-27: Pre-SolWest workshop; Upgrade our office to solar! Hands-on efficiency & solar upgrade. July 30: John Day, OR. Post-SolWest workshop. How to instrument your system for continuous data logging. EORenew, PO Box 485, Canyon City, OR 97820 • 541-575-3633 • [email protected] www.solwest.org

July 28-29, '01; John Day, OR. SolWest Renewable Energy Fair. Over 80 exhibits, demonstrations, workshops, & "Tour de John Day" electrathon race. See above for EORenew access.

Sept. 8, '01; Seneca, OR. Oregon Tree Farmers of the Year. Sustainable forestry & sustainable living tour at Lance & Jennifer Barker's Morning Hill Forest Farm. See above for EORenew access.

Cottage Grove, OR. Adv. Studies in Appropriate Tech., 8 wks., 4 interns per quarter. Aprovecho Research Center, 80574 Haxelton Rd., Cottage Grove, OR 97424 • 541-942-0302 [email protected]www.efn.org/~apro

June 4-Aug. 13, '01; Cottage Grove, OR. 10 wk. course researching & developing improved A.T. devices for NGOs in third world. Work on real problems, create original contributions. See above for Aprovecho access.

June-July; Energy Education Training. Locations in OR & WA. Classes: Addressing Residential Customer High Bill Complaints, Energy Auditor Training, Non-Intrusive HVAC Testing, Sizing Residential HVAC Equipment & Duct, Residential Water Conservation, Commercial Building Data Logging, Energy Management Certificate, Building Operator Certification, EZ Sim-Billing Analysis Software, Electricity from the Sun. Info: Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Lane Community College, 4000 E. 30th Ave., Eugene, OR 97405 • 800-769-9687 or 541-988-4729 Fax: • 541-988-4723 • [email protected] www.nweei.org

Aug. 10-20, '01. Williams, OR. Adv. Permaculture Design Certificate Course—Keyline Water Management: A Whole Systems Approach. Become more competent designers. Cost: US$1,100. Seven Seeds Farm, 3220 E. Fork Rd., Williams, OR 97544 • 541-846-9233 [email protected]

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