Solar Heating Controls

For automatic oper-atEon ol solar heating systems

DTT-84 and DTT-94 oonlrals established the standard over iwenty years ago and their reliability has been proven in nearly a million installations.

SOLAR CHECK VALVE Low resistance spring check tfalve ideal. in PV pumped systems

héliotrope thermal


Rich.Tflrid.Ca moi

Tel 515-237-9614

B-mail: info @ h^liorropeiherm^l com web: www lieliotropeïhenmal.cor^

J Modular, prs-gsssrriblsil solar-slscirls systems from 150 watts

• From Alaska to Antarctica Installations for any environment

• Professional design services

• Licensed electrical contractors (NM Lic. #80/15)

• Grid-tied systems from 1kW to 10kW

• Water pumping & wind systems too

• Dealer inquiries welcome

Albuquerque, New Mexico Phone: 505-890-1534 Toll free: 877-890-1534 e-mail: [email protected]

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