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Sept. 15, '01; Roseburg, OR. Aternative Energy Fair, Umpqua Community College. [email protected]

April 21, '01; Columbia Gorge Earth Day, Renewable Energy Fair, Earth Day Run; downtown, Hood River; electric cars, electric bikes, hybrid cars, & other enviro info; Columbia Gorge Earth Network, PO Box 276, Hood River, OR 97031 [email protected] www.gorge-earth-network.org

May 19, '01; John Day, OR. Annual tour of RE homes, EORenew, PO Box 485, Canyon City, OR 97820 • 541-575-3633 • [email protected] www.solwest.org

EORenew Workshops, '01; John Day, OR. June 1-3: Simple Solar Water Heating, a hands-on installation workshop. July 25-27: Pre-SolWest workshop; Upgrade our office to solar! A hands-on class will do an energy efficiency and solar upgrade to make an office cost-effective. July 30: John Day, OR. Post-SolWest workshop. How to instrument your system for continuous data logging. See above for EORenew access.

July 28-29, '01; John Day, OR. SolWest Renewable Energy Fair. Over 80 exhibits, demonstrations, workshops, & "Tour de John Day" electrathon race. See above for EORenew access.

September 8, '01; Seneca, OR. Oregon Tree Farmers of the Year. Sustainable forestry and sustainable living tour at Lance and Jennifer Barker's Morning Hill Forest Farm. See above for EORenew access.

Cottage Grove, OR. Advanced Studies in Appropriate Technology, 8 weeks, 4 students per quarter internship. Aprovecho Research Center, 80574 Haxelton Rd., Cottage Grove, OR 97424 541-942-0302 • [email protected] www.efn.org/~apro

June 4-August 13, '01; Cottage Grove, OR. 10 week course researching & developing improved A.T. devices for NGOs in third world. Work on real problems, creating original contributions. See above for Aprovecho access

April-July; Energy Education Training. Locations in OR & WA. Classes: Addressing Residential Customer High Bill Complaints, Energy Auditor Training, Non-Intrusive HVAC Testing, Sizing Residential HVAC Equipment & Duct, Residential Water Conservation, Commercial Building Data Logging, Energy Management Certificate, Building Operator Certification, EZ Sim-Billing Analysis Software, Electricity from the Sun. Info: Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Lane Community College, 4000 E. 30th Ave., Eugene, OR 97405 800-769-9687 or 541-988-4729 • Fax: 541-988-4723 • [email protected]www.nweei.org

August 10-20, '01. Williams, OR. Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate Course—Keyline Water Management: A Whole Systems Approach. For those who want to become more competent designers. Cost: US$1,100 incl. 3 homegrown meals a day, camping, course materials, & field trips. Seven Seeds Farm, 3220 East Fork Rd., Williams, OR 97544 • 541-846-9233 [email protected]

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