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Surrette Battery Company, Ltd.

Surrette Battery Company, Ltd.

Battery Engineering

Solar water pumps for every purpose

Don't throw energy down the drain with an inefficient water pump. Dankoff Solar DC pumps use 1/3 to 1/2 the energy of conventional AC pumps run by inverter.

Flowlight® Booster Pump SunCentric™ Centrifugal Solar Force™ Piston Solar Slowpump™ ^ Solaram™ ^ \

Vertical lift to 960 Ft. (290 m) Pressurizing to 100 PSI (7 bar) Flows to 75 GPM (285 Ipm)

and more

Depths to 650 Ft. (200 m) Flows to 50 GPM (200 Ipm)

Water supply for homes, villages, agriculture, parks and recreation, and more—since 1983 Also a wholesale distributor of power system components safer I


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\fDonkoff V Solar j

An Independent Renewable Energy Company

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