Subtotal 191.3 26.8% Total 713.3

Subtotal 191.3 26.8% Total 713.3

freezing if it were very cold out. Dryer vent flapper valves could be used to facilitate this.

We have found since we installed the unit last October, there are not many winter days where the temperature rose above forty. I don't think there were any in December, January and February. The months when this unit is most useful coincide with those in which we get the least sun! This unit uses so little electricity compared to the summer 'fridge that we can enjoy refrigeration throughout the cold winter months. A unit like this could still be useful in addition to other refrigeration. It could be used to keep beverages, some fruit, or whatever you frequently use during the day. Thus this would reduce the amount of times you have to open the high power refrigerator and reduce the times the compressor must come on. Even a Sun Frost uses a lot of power compared to this.

Ben & Burke's System Cost




Two 90 W ARCO QuadLam PVs



18 W & 30 W Solarex Lite PVs



Eight 6 V 220A-h Exide batteries



40 W Solarex MSX-40 PV module



200 w Statpower inverter



300 W 12 VDC Thermax generator



48 W 12 VDC Thermoelectric refrig.



wiring & battery cables



disconnects, fuses, meters



8 Amp SCI charge controller





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