Solar Cooking Naturally

written by Virginia Heather Gurley reviewed by Kathleen Jarschke-Schultze

One of the first things a new solar cook asks me is, "Are there any solar cookbooks?" Here is a new addition to the too few books available. Ms. Gurley hits on all aspects of solar cooking.

The book itself is a well constructed 94 pages. Along with the usual chapter headings Ms. Gurley also takes on "Advantages of Solar Cooking", "Solar Cookers: a Global Solution", "Cooking Tips", and "Starter Recipes".

Ms. Gurley has been cooking for her family and friends for the past 15 years. She is also an elementary Montessori teacher and uses solar cookers to provide hot lunches for her students. She has chosen the Kerr-Cole Eco-Cooker II as the cooker to test and time all the recipes in the book. Of course, she explains, any solar cooker may be used, and even your conventional oven set at 325°F, to cook any of these meals.

Everything I cooked from the book came out well and was complemented on by the test eaters. I especially liked the variety of recipes. From baby teething sticks and Tofu cheesecake to stuffed duck the dishes are all intriguing. All the recipes are made with natural whole foods. Ms. Gurley has presented a good selection that was enjoyable to choose from. With the "Starter Recipes" she guides the new solar cook gently into the advanced until they are hooked. She has a whole chapter on pie crusts, something that can be scary for the rookie solar cook.

I found her glossary of ingredients useful. It helps to know the language of the art you are practicing. Her two Appendixes, "Organizations Promoting Solar

Cooking" and "Solar Cooker Resources" are inspiring reading and cover the world in their scope.

This is a great little cookbook, whether you are just starting to cook with the sun or if you are an old hand at sol food. I really like it.


You can get your own copy of Solar Cooking Naturally from SunLightWorks, PO Box 3386, Sedona, AZ 86340 • 602-282-1344. The price is $10.

Reviewed by Kathleen Jarschke-Schultze, c/o Home Power, POB 520, Ashland, OR 97520 • 916-475-0830

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