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Home & Heart

Kathleen Jarschke-Schultze

Have you ever wanted to vacation in some remote beautiful place but couldn't afford the prices of lodging and restaurant meals every night? What about leaving your own house and RE system unattended? Maybe there is an answer.

Trading Places

One of the morning news shows had a segment about people who trade houses for a week or two to have the comforts of home when they travel. There is a quarterly publication where you pay $35 to be listed with a picture of your home and your access information. When you contact someone or they contact you the trade is all worked out between yourselves. There is no middleman or agent.

The people interviewed had traded homes all over the U.S. and one couple even traded with some students who had an apartment in Paris. This sent our imaginations soaring. Bob-O and I love to travel, but who can afford it? Most of the money spent on a vacation is on lodging and food. We could trade with someone in Seattle and visit the museums, we could trade with someone in Colorado and climb mountains, or... Our speculation was endless.

Of course reality set in. How could we leave our house and system in the hands of someone uninitiated to RE living? Have you ever noticed how when you visit someone who lives on the grid, or they visit you, you seem to spend a lot of time walking around turning off lights and TVs in rooms people have left? The thought was sobering.

Bright Idea

The compact fluorescent bulb came on over our heads! Why not trade with other RE home owners? Most people who live on RE are beyond the power lines; usually in some beautiful, remote place. RE users are spread across the planet. Wow, what a concept! The outback of Australia, the beaches of the Carribean, skiing in Vermont, solar cooking in Baja California. Our enthusiasm was off and running again.

Now, what have we got to offer on our side of the trade? Well, we live one hour away from a ski resort in one direction and one and a half hours from another to the south. We are forty-five minutes from the world famous Ashland Shakespeare Festival. It takes about ten minutes to drive to a lake where you can fish, water ski or windsurf. There is excellent birdwatching in our area. If you think about it there are always some really nice features to your area. That's why you live there.

Rookie RE

We expanded on this line of thinking. Sure remote homes have their unique attractions, but what if you had cabin fever and wanted to go to a city and go to a different movie every night.

On the flip side what if you lived in the city and dreamed of an RE home in the boonies? Wouldn't you like to try the lifestyle on for size and see if it fit your ideal? Wonder what it is like to live with wind power, or hydro, or solar or a combination of all three? This could be your chance. What are the attractions of where you live?


You would need to make a folder or, better yet, a folder and a video of your particular system. Since each RE system is as unique as its owners this would be de rigueur for a trade situation. You would need lists of all the equipment, troubleshooting, idiosyncrasies — the whole shot. Then, depending on the time of year, there are the other duties that come with country living. How to care for animals, wood stoves, gardens, waterlines, etc. It's all part of the big picture.

Mi Casa, Tu Casa

It could all work. People all over the world are doing it now. We are just suggesting a twist on an already established form. Why shouldn't we also benefit from our dreams and ideals? I have spoken to a few people about this idea, testing the hydro so to speak. People, on and off grid, have responded enthusiastically to the idea. I would really like to hear from people interested in this medium of exchange. Possibly to start a newsletter with listings and guidelines for trading homes for vacations.

Fire Safe

On a different front I was talking to Michael Blend, a remote RE home owner, the other day. We were discussing the difficulty in getting fire insurance for your home when you are miles from official fire protection. This can be a very hard thing to find. No insurance company wants to take the risk and unfortunately, they don't have to.

At one time Bob-O and I considered organizing a neighborhood volunteer Fire and Rescue squad thereby having official fire protection much closer. We figured this would help us and our neighbors get insurance or maybe lower the rates for those lucky enough to be

Home & Heart covered already. The squad was never formed as all our neighbors have insurance and thousands of gallons of water storage already. This would be everyone's individual fire protection, if needed.

After I had told Michael of my experiences with fire insurance he said he would look further into the options. He called back a few days later and left a message that he had obtained fire insurance from Cal Farm through the Farm Bureau. They are set up to work with people in rural areas. Check your phone book for local access.


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