Backwoods Solar Electric Systems

For an Earth Restored and a World at Peace... Independent Electric Power Systems for the

Remote Home—Solar Electric, Wind, Hydro

We are a family business, living with our products for over 15 years, and offer the knowledge to help you set up your energy system. Free Consultation. Questions are personally answered.

Our catalog includes a planning guide to help you understand how to put your energy system together - its applications and sizing. We offer lower than usual prices on Kyocera, Solarex, and Siemens modules and Kohler generators. Our Trace inverters include free battery cables. We carry Sun Frost and Nova Kool refrigerators, specialized appliances and lighting, and a range of meters and controls: Heliotrope, SCI, Ananda, TriMetric, and our own Backwoods control boxes.

Our $3. Catalog/planning guide is FREE to Home Power readers. We accept VISA and MasterCard ,|g| .

Most items in stock for immediate shipment.

Steve & Elizabeth Willey • 8530-HP Rapid Lightning Creek Road • Sandpoint, Idaho 83864 • (208) 263

DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

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