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Things that Work! tested by Home Power

Things that Work! tested by Home Power

The Freedom 25 Inverter with Link 2000

Richard Perez

©1995 Richard Perez

Heart Interface's Freedom 25 is a powerful 2,500 Watt modified sine wave inverter with a built-in 130 Ampere battery charger. In our testing it is reliable, very stable, and with the addition of the Link 2000 instrument, highly automated. After ten months of daily use, the Freedom 25 and the Link 2000 passed rugged "Things that Work!" testing with flying colors.

Product Specifications

The Freedom 25 inverter we tested was a 12 Volt model. In addition to being a modified sine wave inverter, it also functions as a 130 Ampere battery charger. The charger is sourced by 120 vac from either the grid or from an engine generator. The charger is equipped to "power share" with small engine generators and limited 120 vac services (like a boat dock). The charger performs a three stage recharging process which is optimized for lead-acid batteries. There is also an equalization function on the charger which allows up 16.3 VDC for equalization. The inverter/charger itself measures 12 inches by 11.5 inches by 8.75 inches and weighs 56 pounds. The voltage input range of the 12 Volt Freedom 25 is 10.0 to 15.5 VDC. The unit is overload protected by both

Above: Heart Interface's Freedom inverter/charger

electronic shutdown and a circuit breaker, and also has automatic high or low battery shutdown. This 12 Volt Freedom 25 inverter/charger is UL listed.

The Link 2000 is a combination inverter control and system instrument. The user can set the various inverter and charger parameters remotely by using the Link 2000 control. The Link 2000 will also measure system functions such as battery voltage and current, power source (PV, wind, or hydro) voltage and current, and battery ampere-hours (and even battery watt-hours). The Link 2000 is a super sophisticated computer which measures, accumulates and stores many different kinds of data. In addition to the functions mentioned above, it can also tell you interesting bits of info such as how many Ampere-hours or kiloWatt-hours your PVs made this week (or this month or year). It constantly calculates battery efficiency and displays this up dated number. It records the average depth of discharge which the battery undergoes. It records the deepest depth of discharge that the battery has undergone.

Documentation and Packaging Heart's documentation and packaging is outstanding. The manuals are detailed, with simple step-by-step, profusely illustrated instructions. The installation manual is 11 pages, while the owner's manual is 36 pages. The Link 2000 comes with its own 28 page manual. This depth of documentation is necessary because the Freedom 25 and Link 2000 can perform so many different functions. The user can program the Freedom/Link system to exactly match his requirements. We had no problems setting up the Freedom/Link system, it was just a matter of following the directions.

The Test System

Ten months ago, we installed the Freedom 25 and the Link 2000 in Jim and Laura Flett's system in Northern

Things that Work!

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Heart Freedom 25 Inverter Test Data

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