Total Power System Integration

No Inverter Needed the INFINITY-1832™ has everything built in !

/ 3.2 kw Sine Wave Inverter, Ultra Pure 120 and 240 VAC (No Transformer Needed!)

/ 100 amp PV Charge Control!

/ 3 PV Inputs, 3 DC load circuits, 12 AC Load Circuits, All Breakers Included!

✓ 100% Fully Digital Control, Metering, Computer Interface...Everything!

/ Only One Box to Mount, Fully Pre-Wired, No Inverter Wiring!

Imagine...No power sub-station on your wall...It's neat, clean and organized We've put everything inside

Hang it on the wall, hook up battery, connect PV... It's ready to run!

Our suggested retail is only $3,195.00, check with your dealer (call us for a dealer list!) You can't buy the parts and build your own system for less!

If you already have an inverter, try the Infinity-6, same as above, but no AC hardware.

Call us for free brochures, or see it on the internet at

Sun Selector®... Putting the power in your hands!

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DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

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