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Output (Watts)

never below, the standard AC electrical values for these parameters (164.4 VAC peak and 117 VAC RMS).

The quality of the AC waveform was excellent. We never recorded a total harmonic distortion (THD) of more than 0.8 percent over the inverter's AC output range when powering resistive loads. During our testing, the idle draw of the inverter was 11.9 watts, significantly lower than the manufacturer's maximum specification. AC frequency was 60 Hz throughout the test.

The manufacturer's less than 3 percent THD specification is based on resistive loads. We also ran several reactive loads during the test, and came up with much higher THD figures. For example, a single, 20 watt compact fluorescent lightbulb, manufactured by Lights of America, with a power factor of 0.52, resulted in 1.7 percent THD of the inverter's waveform. Four of these bulbs running

With a 1,500 watt surge rating, this inverter isn't appropriate for loads with high startup current. Make sure to research the surge of any small power tools or motor loads you'd like to run on the inverter.

Great Choice

If you're running home electronics including computers and audio/video equipment, sine wave inverters are the smart choice. The PROsine 1000 is a great inverter for these applications, or wherever up to a kilowatt of high quality AC electricity is required. It's well thought out from an installer's perspective, and simple to program and operate from a user's perspective.


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