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In the U.S. renewable energy market, the availability of affordable, sine wave inverters is making modified square wave inverters obsolete. With a list price of US$890 for the 12 VDC version, Xantrex's PROsine 1000, sine wave inverter falls into this category. It's an excellent choice for small systems, and a smart upgrade or addition to systems running modified square wave inverters.

Inverter Overview & Options

In October of 1999, Xantrex acquired the manufacturing and distribution of Statpower's line of inverters and battery chargers. Initially, Xantrex was distributing Statpower inverters solely to the mobile market. In 2002, they began ramping up their distribution of these products to the residential RE market.

The PROsine 1000 has a high frequency switching topology for DC to AC power conversion. This specific design produces a high quality sine waveform that is well suited for household electronics. The inverter produces 1,000

watts continuous, and surges to 1,500 watts for up to 5 seconds. Both 12 and 24 VDC nominal versions are available. AC output is 120 VAC, 60 Hz. Export versions with 230 VAC, 50 Hz output are also available.

The PROsine 1000 is not equipped with an AC battery charger. But if your application requires an AC charger, you have options. Along with the PROsine inverters, Xantrex also acquired Statpower's excellent line of TrueCharge AC battery chargers (check out the review of these chargers in HP48, page 32). In addition, Home Power is currently testing a 2.0 KW PROsine inverter with an onboard, three-stage, 100 amp AC charger.

The PROsine 1,000 watt inverter we tested is equipped with two GFCI receptacles for distributing AC power to the loads. An AC hardwire model for conduit-ready, code compliant installations is also available. A remote interface kit (list price, US$50) can be purchased that allows the inverter's on/off switch and status display to be mounted up to 50 feet (15 m) away from the inverter.

An additional option for the AC hardwire version is an integral, automatic AC transfer relay for grid backup applications. This allows the inverter to operate as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The transfer time from grid to battery/inverter powered backup is typically one cycle (16.6 milliseconds), with a maximum transfer time of two cycles (33.2 milliseconds). This transfer time is fast enough to keep most computer systems online during the transfer. But you should provide your equipment dealer with the specifications of your computer hardware to ensure compatibility.

At startup, the inverter's LCD control panel displays battery voltage, and AC voltage and frequency. During operation, battery voltage and DC

Xantrex PROsine 1000 Manufacturer's Specifications



Continuous output power

1,000 W

Surge capability (5 seconds)

1,500 W

Peak output current

0 0

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