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Power Consumption in Watt-hours per day 2296

G Ni-cad Chargers G Lighting G TV G VCR

G Refrigerator

Power Consumption in Watt-hours per day 2296

G Ni-cad Chargers G Lighting G TV G VCR

G Refrigerator

Modello Bandierine Addobbo

copper wires connecting it to the Ananda Power Center. We did this to ensure low loss and reliability. All electrical connections between the module junction boxes and the Ananda Power Center were soldered.

Power Processing

This is a high tech system. We relied heavily on modern power processing equipment. We used a PowerStar UPG 1300 Watt inverter. This inverter converts 12 VDC power stored within the battery into 1 20 vac, 60 cycle modified sine wave power, like the Colombian standard in downtown Bogota. We used a Heliotrope CC-60C photovoltaic charge controller. This PV control allowed us the wide voltage operating window required by the alkaline battery, and also gave us room for array expansion in the future. We used a Cruising Equipment Ampere-hour +2 meter to give the system's users information about their battery's state of charge. One channel of this meter was connected as a net reading battery Ampere-hour meter. The other channel was configured as a cumulative Ampere-hour meter for the photovoltaic array. This second channel will give us data about the performance of the PV modules at Mosoco's health center.

The fellows at Ananda Power Technologies, Inc. packaged many of the system's power processors into a single box. Ananda made a special Power Center IV just for the Tierradentro project. This Power Center houses the inverter and the Ampere-hour meter. In addition it also provides DC rated circuit breakers for the two subarrays and all the 12 VDC powered loads. The Power Center also contains two 200 Ampere Class T current limiting

Mosoco Health Center PV System Hardware Cost



Unit Cost


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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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