sustain the manufacturer's rated continuous wattage of 140 watts indefinitely. We would rate this inverter at a solid 140 watt output. The peak voltages were very stable until the inverter was overloaded, then they dropped off. The RMS (Root Mean Square or average ac) voltage remained constant throughout the test. The inverter's frequency stayed around 59.5 cycles per second (Hz.), within specs. Efficiency is slightly less than the 90% claimed by the manufacturer. Our efficiency figures show the inverter ranging from 74% efficient at 10 watts output to 79% at 140 watts output. Peak efficiency was reached at between 25 and 100 watts output where the inverter is about 86% efficient. The inverter refused to die from repeated overloading. In our test the Powerstar functioned properly (rms voltage, peak ac voltage and frequency all within spec) with a battery voltage as low as 9.6 VDC.

The Powerstar ran all the test loads without problem. This included a variety of inductive loads using motors and power supplies. We had enough faith in the Powerstar to plug in over $4,000 worth of Macintosh computer equipment and rock-n-roll! The Powerstar ran a Mac SE with a hard drive and the Hewlett-Packard DeskWriter (300 dpi) jet printer with no problems.


With a price tag of $149.95, the Powerstar offers incredible value in a midget portable inverter. We see many applications where folks want to run a 120 vac appliance from a vehicle or portable battery. The list of appliances that the Powerstar will run is endless- just about anything under 150 watts, indefinitely. The Powerstar opens new vistas of instrument, video and computer use from either portable or vehicular systems.

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