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In Search of Nikola Tesla The Quest for Cold Electricity Tesla Radiant Energy

Tesla Cold Electricity

To understand negative energy two simple new scientific terms are required. Through successive experimental arrangements, Tesla discovered several facts concerning the production of his effect. First, the cause was undoubtedly found in the abruptness of charging. It was in the switch closure, the very instant of closure and break , which thrust the effect out into space. The effect was definitely related to time, impulse time. Second, Tesla found that it was imperative that the charging process occurred in a single impulse. No reversal of current was permissible, else the effect would not manifest. In this, Tesla made succinct remarks describing the role of capacity in the spark-radiative circuit. He found that the effect was powerfully strengthened by placing a capacitor between the disrupter and the dynamo. While providing a tremendous power to the effect, the dielectric of the capacitor also served to protect the dynamo windings. Finally, the effect could also be...

Teslas Self Sustaining Electrical Generator

Hendershot Generator

With this conceptual parallel in mind, it is possible to understand better the work of Nikola Tesla, who held the ether theory as a scientific concept, who, also no the basis of this theory, build working electrical machines, and who is associated with the idea of an electrical generator which could maintain a current without an external prime mover. Schooled during the 1860's, Nikola Tesla's understanding of physics was pre-atomic. In his biographical articles Tesla does not comment on the theoretical aspects of his education, but in his technical writings, he uses the term the ether in a positive sense and only in his later writings are found grudging references to atomic particles and electrons. Recovering these earlier designs would bring about the second stage of electrical technology - one that Nikola Tesla started, here, a century ago. 5. Nikola Tesla, Colorado Springs Notes, 1899-1900. Beograd Nolit. 1978, p.43. 7. Nikola Tesla, quoted in the NY Herald Tribune, Sept 22, 1929,...

The Free Energy Device Handbook

THE FREE ENERGY DEVICE HANDBOOK Nikola Tesla's Free Energy Documents Ten years after patenting a successful method for producing alternating current, Nikola Tesla claimed the invention of an electrical generator that would not consume any fuel. Such a generator would not have an external prime mover such as steam or falling water. On June 9 th, 1902, the New York Times and the New York Herald carried a story of a Clemente Figueras, a woods and forest engineer, who had invented a device for generating electricity without burning any fuel. In the Nikola Tesla Collection, at Columbia University Library is a letter from the inventor to his friend Robert Underwood Johnson, the editor of Century Magazine, with a clipping of the Herald article enclosed.1

Edwin Gray Cold Electricity

Edwin Gray Engine Image

Ever since I first encountered the work of Edwin Gray more than a quarter of a century ago, I have attempted to unravel the mystery of how he produced free energy. Only recently has sufficient information emerged to enable me to finally piece all of the clues together and reach a definitive conclusion. In The Free Energy Secrets of Cold Electricity, I share this 27-year odyssey and the knowledge that has evolved along the way. It wasn't until I correlated Gray's clues with an analysis by Gerry Vassilatos, published in 1996, detailing Nikola Tesla's experimental work in the late I880 s, that the picture started coming into focus. These experiments resulted in the discovery of what Tesla called radiant energy and led to the development of his Magnifying Transmitter. This material was the clue that unraveled the Gray mystery. An exhaustive comparison between Gray's cold electricity systems and Tesla's radiant energy systems leads to the reasonable conclusion that these two discoveries...

Introduction to Teslas Science of Energy

Tesla Wireless Electricity

It is a great privilege to present this amazing collection of seminal articles, some of which have never been published before, on Nikola Tesla's science of energy. As I'm finishing my Ph.D. thesis on utilizing zero point energy, I realized that Tesla probably acknowledged the same energy reservoir when he referred to harnessing the very wheelwork of nature. 1 The visionary scientists who have contributed to this anthology offer a collective argument of what Tesla meant by that phrase. Tesla also recognized that an atmospheric and a terrestrial storage battery exists here on earth, just waiting to be tapped for the good of mankind. Therefore, this is the wheelwork of nature that we want to explore in this book. The first section of this anthology offers some historical Niagara Falls material and biographical information about the life of Nikola Tesla with the contributions of William Terbo, the grand-nephew of Tesla, Keith Tutt, author of The Scientist, the Madman, the Thief & Their...

Teslas Investigations

Ion-acoustic oscillations may also be important for the production of ball lightning. Ball lightning69,70 may be produced by replicating the bucking phase condition that Tesla associated with its production.71 ion-acoustic oscillations must first be induced in the corona around the Tesla coil. Then a signal or pulse must be abruptly switched into the circuit such that it is 180 degrees out of phase with the ion-acoustic oscillations. This bucking condition may induce a vacuum polarization implosion that could trigger the plasma to enfold into a vortex ring.72*74 An anomalously long persistence of ball lightning triggered at relatively low energy levels could demonstrate the existence of macroscopic,

Reflections from Teslas Descendent

This is the fourth biennial Tesla Symposium. I've had the pleasure of making some opening remarks at each one. My appearance here has a twofold purpose. First, as a descendant of Nikola Tesla, I hope to provide a link between the man we honor and those of us who are here to honor him. Second, as a representative of the Tesla Memorial Society and its Honorary Chairman, I want to reaffirm the cooperation between the International Tesla Society and the Tesla Memorial Society in moving toward our common aims. Simply put, they are honoring and perpetuating the memory and ideals of Nikola Tesla through appropriate cultural and academic activities. The Tesla Symposium is a worthy representation of these aims. This morning I'd like to touch briefly on three topics. First, to re cap some of the events and accomplishments of the two years since our last symposium which have reflected positively on the name and reputation of Nikola Tesla plus mention of two or three current projects. Second, I'd...

Teslas World System

The Tesla Transformer (Tesla coil) Corum explains that a mechanical analogue of the lumped-circuit Tesla coil is an easier model for engineers to understand. From a mechanical engineering viewpoint. the magnifying factor can be successfully applied to such a circuit. The circuit is limited only by the circuit resistance. At resonance, the current through the circuit rises until the voltage across the resistance is equal to the source voltage. This circuit was a source of deep frustration to Edison because voltmeter readings taken around the loop did not obey Kirchoffs laws 18 As a result, Edison claimed such a circuit was only good for electrocution chairs.

Magnifying Transmitter II Grounded Radio

From A MUSEUM AT WARDENCLYFFE - THE CREATION OF A MONUMENT TO NIKOLA TESLA The year was 1900 and following 9 productive months of wireless propagation research in Colorado, Nikola Tesla was anxious to put a mass of new found knowledge to work. His vision focused on the development of a prototype wireless communications station and research facility and he needed a site on which to build. In 1901 he cast his eyes some 60 miles eastward to the north shore village of Woodville Landing. Only six years before the north branch of the Long Island Railroad had opened, The plan was to build the first of many installations to be located near major population centers around the world. If the program had moved forward without interruption, the Long Island prototype would have been followed by additional units the first of which being built somewhere along the coast of England. By the Summer of 1902 Tesla had shifted his laboratory operations from the Houston Street Laboratory to the rural Long...

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New Free Energy Devices

The output waveform from Bob Boyce's triple-oscillator board is sharpened up by the use of carefully chosen opto-isolators, and that output would almost certainly drive Dave Lawton's Meyer replication Water Fuel Cell. It would also be interesting to see if it has the same effect on battery recharging as the John Bedini pulse-charging circuits, as it is distinctly possible that it has. You will notice that Bob defeats the Faraday maximum output by careful construction of the electrolyser, plus one apparently simple electronics board and one apparently simple transformer. Again, these components call for very careful, high-quality construction as is common for most successful free-energy devices. Let me stress again, that a toroidal core like these ones is potentially very dangerous, especially when pulsed with a high-frequency rotating magnetic field. An arrangement like that taps into the zero-point energy field which has unlimited power and power surges are liable to occur. Bob Boyce...

Chapter Aerial Systems

Thomas Henry Moray Device

Nikola Tesla produced an aerial device which is worth mentioning. It was patented on May 21st 1901 as an Apparatus for the Utilisation of Radiant Energy , US Patent number 685,957. Moray's equipment is said to have contained a germanium diode which he built himself in the days before solid-state devices became readily available. The equipment was examined and tested many times. On dozens of occasions, he demonstrated the equipment driving a bank of twenty 150W bulbs, plus a 600W heater, plus a 575W iron (a total of 4.175 kW). The power picked up by this device needed only small diameter wires and had characteristics different from conventional electricity. One demonstration which was repeated many times, was to show that the output power circuit could be broken and a sheet of ordinary glass placed between the severed ends of the wire, without disrupting the supply. This type of power is called Cold electricity because thin wires carrying major power loads, do...

How To Build A Rotoverter Generator

How Build Free Energy

To summarise This device takes a low-power 110 Volt AC input and produces a much higher-power electrical output which can be used for powering much greater loads than the input could power. The output power is much higher than the input power. This is free-energy under whatever name you like to apply to it. One advantage which should be stressed, is that very little in the way of construction is needed, and off-the-shelf motors are used. Also, no knowledge of electronics is needed, which makes this one of the easiest to construct free-energy devices available at the present time. One slight disadvantage is that the tuning of the Prime Mover motor depends on its loading and most loads have different levels of power requirement from time to time.

Alphabetical Index of Devices

Aerial system, Nikola - 1 Bi-filar Coil, Nikola - 30 Cold electricity capture, Dave - 10 Cold electricity capture, Dave - 118 Electrical energy from air, Nikola - 1 Radium power generation, Nikola - 2 Tesla Coil, Nikola Tesla - 25 Tesla Coil, - 15 Tesla Switch, Nikola - 6

Operation Of The Invention

Free Energy Battery

It doesn't stop there. Nikola Tesla introduced the world to Alternating Current ( AC ) but later on he moved from AC to very short, sharp pulses of Direct Current ( DC ). He found that by adjusting the frequency and duration of these high-voltage pulses, that he could produce a whole range of effects drawn from the environment - heating, cooling, lighting, etc. The important point to note is that the pulses were drawing energy directly from the immediate environment. Leaving aside the advanced equipment which Tesla was using during those experiments and moving to Tesla's simple-looking 4-battery switch, we discover the same background operation of sharp voltage pulses drawing free-energy from the environment. And now, the newly charged battery 2 lights the bulb and charges up battery 1 again. Seem impossible Well it isn't. Nikola Tesla demonstrates this with his 4-battery switch system where he chooses to use four identical batteries to implement this circuit

Us Patent System Of Electrical Distribution

Tesla System Electrical Distribution

Be it known that I, NIKOLA TESLA, from Smiljan Lika, border country of Austria-Hungary, now residing at New York, in the county and State of New York, have invented new and useful Improvements in Systems of Electrical Distribution, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the drawings accompanying and forming a part of the same.

Chapter Pulse Charging Battery Systems

Mechanic Free Energy

It is important that a standard mains powered battery charger is never used to charge these batteries. It is clear that the 'cold electricity' produced by a properly tuned Bedini device is substantially different to normal electricity although they can both perform the same tasks when powering electrical equipment.

Q.s. Fuelless Generators Inc.

Small Fuelless Generator

So, a wide range of different devices have the same background technique for making them work. Meyer used the pulsing for water-splitting in a hydroxy gas cell. Bedini uses the pulsing to charge batteries with cold electricity. Tesla used the pulsing to charge batteries, provide heating, cooling and lighting. Boyce uses pulsing to obtain electrolysis at 1,200 of Faraday's stated maximum rate of electrolysis. Gray used the pulsing to capture cold electricity to drive a powerful electric motor. Many different applications all based on using very short, very sharp, high-voltage pulses. The variable capacitors shown are used to tune the input and output circuits to their resonant frequencies. There appears to be similarities between this circuit and the circuitry used by Edwin Gray when he was using his power tube to drive mains light bulbs and other standard electrical equipment. Edwin used air-cored transformer windings of very heavy-duty wire, to drive the loads and while Alfred does...

Tesla Built A Huge Solar Energy Plant On The Island Of Kauai Mail

Also with Westinghouse, lit the Chicago World's Fair, built Niagara Falls hydropower plant, and installed AC - Alternating Current - systems at Colorado silver mines, and other industries. By turn of the century was lifted to celebrity status comparable to Edison's as media promoted him along with the expanding electric power industry. Experimenting independently in Manhattan lab, developed and patented electric devices based on superior capabilities of high-potential, high-frequency currents Tesla coil, radio, high-frequency lighting, x-rays, electrotherapy. Suffered lab fire. Rebuilt, and continued. Moved lab to Colorado Springs for about one year (1899). Built huge magnifying transmitter. Experimented with wireless power, radio, and earth resonance. Studied lightning. Created lightning. Returned to New York. With encouragement of financier J.P. Morgan, promoted a World System of radio broadcasting utilizing magnifying transmitters. Built huge tower for magnifying transmitter at...


Introducing Nikola Tesla Through Some of His Achievements by John J. Inventions Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla T. Martin Hardcover Published 1988 Our Price 18.95 (Special Order) Editorial Reviews, Book Description Probably the most comprehensive book about Tesla s work and fully illustrated From the Publisher Kessinger Publishing reprints over 1,500 similar titles all available through

Wireless power

Tesla recognizes only a quantitative difference between sending radio signals and broadcasting electric power. Both involve sending and receiving stations tuned to one another by means of Tesla coil circuits. Tesla's wireless power would be the ultimate centralized electric system, a capitalist dream, but for the fact that the technology is too simple. Just raising an antenna, planting a ground, and connecting simple tesla coil circuitry in between could achieve reception of power.

Engineering details

Patents normally don't give many quantitative specifics, but Tesla's wireless power patent does give some about the big prototype power-transmission Tesla coil (which was, incidentally, used to conduct a demonstration before skeptical patent examiners). A 50,000-volt transformer charged a capacitor of .004 mfd., which discharged through a rotary gap that gave 5,000 breaks per second. The eight-foot diameter primary had just one turn of stout stranded cable. The secondary was 50 turns of heavily insulated No. 8 wire wound as a flat spiral. It vibrated at 230-250,000 cycles and produced 2 to 4 million volts. This coil evolved into the huge experimental magnifying transmitter

Free Energy Steam

Free Energy Steam

This year, 2004, Martin Dorantes, Guy Letourneau, Tad Johnson and I (Frank Germano - the four original founding members of ITP, LLC), dissolved the ITP entity, and have begun operations, independently. The newly formed company, InVAID Systems , with Frank Germano at the helm, has continued production of these revolutionary power and pumping systems. Our turbines and pumps are based on the pioneering research originally begun by Nikola Tesla, and of which he patented in 1911. Our prototype turbines have confirmed Tesla's claims, and, in our opinion (and third-party testing and validations), these turbines have become the most simple rotary engines yet designed. We have improved on Tesla's original design by further incorporating the vortex and implosion designs pioneered by yet another of history's forgotten figures, namely - Viktor Schauberger. Should conditions again become feasible for investors to take note of this technology, it is quite possible the original team will reunite,...


Toroid Wound Machine Illustration

Herman starts by illustrating how working electricity can be taken from a Wimshurst machine. The Wimshurst output voltage is very high and the current capacity is very low and most people would dismiss it out of hand as being totally inadequate for any kind of practical work. However, Hermann boosts the power level by feeding the output into a step-down transformer which lowers the output voltage to a convenient level and raises the available current in proportion to the reduction in voltage. This is the same technique patented by Nikola Tesla. The apparatus which Herman illustrates is shown here A Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices

Not To Be Missed

Nikola Tesla Free Energy

The Tesla Papers by Nikola Tesla, David Hatcher Childress Editorial Reviews Book Description In the tradition of The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla, The Anti-Gravity Handbook and The Free-Energy Device Handbook, science and UFO author David Hatcher Childress takes us into the incredible world of Nikola Tesla and his amazing inventions. Tesla's rare article The Problem of Increasing Human Energy with Special Reference to the Harnessing of the Sun's Energy -originally published in the June 1900 issue of The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine-was the master blueprint for his fantastic vision of the future, including wireless power, anti-gravity, free energy and highly advanced solar power. Also included are papers, patents and material collected on Tesla at the Colorado Springs Tesla Symposia, including papers on *the secret history of wireless transmission*Tesla and the magnifying transmitter*design and construction of a half-wave Tesla coil*electrostatics a key to free...

Basic Concepts

Nikola Tesla Free Energy Generator

For some time man has been looking for different ways to generate electricity. He has used water power, steam power, nuclear power and solar power. Recent papers written by Tom Bearden make a free energy generator possible. Tom Bearden, rather than patent his devices, chose to share them with people who had open ears. I myself have had numerous conversations with Tom Bearden. I found Tom to be one of the most reasonable men I have ever dealt with in this energy field. Most others would tell you stories of great machines they had, but would never present the truth with circuit diagrams or a look at the machine in question. Tom, on the other hand, clearly presents his ideas and discloses the concepts by means of which they work.

Enter The Site

This website was created to provide some fresh air for a dying planet. Now, more than ever, we need to take a very hard look at how we are treating not only the planet Earth's resources, but also ourselves and our environment. I started planning this website by selecting two figures from our recent historical past, each of whom offered mankind, in general, the ability to expand beyond conventional limitations imposed by our deliberate, uncaring and wasteful treatment of our natural resources. These two men - Nikola Tesla and Viktor Schauberger - no matter how great their contributions, nor how incredible their inventions, theories and ideas, have been (sadly) nearly forgotten by modern history. They each have been all but excluded from the classrooms of the This website also contains information and documentation on the Tesla Bladeless Boundary Disk Turbine and Tesla Bladeless Boundary Disk Pump. These amazing engines and pumps were originally invented...

Fwo Fw

My Inventions The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla Usually ships in 24 . Nikola Tesla A Spark of Genius (Lerner Biographies) Ships in 2-3 days Carol . Dommermuth-Costa Library Binding Published 1994 Our Price 25.26 Editorial .-'fT Reviews From Booklist Gr. 5-9. The author traces the life and career of an eccentric but brilliant inventor and pioneer in the field of electricity, from his birth in Croatia through his technical training in Europe and his subsequent successes and frustrations in America. A less familiar name in this country than fellow inventor and rival, Thomas Edison, Tesla discovered and perfected the principle of alternating current (AC), as opposed to Edison's direct current (DC). The author credits Tesla, rather than Marconi, with the invention of the radio and discusses Tesla's pioneer work in the field of robotics. The writing is sometimes disjointed, and much of the material is overly anecdotal. The fact that the author is a member of the Tesla Memorial...

Development Perspective Is it Affordable

When rural customers get enthusiastic about their solar system, they will tell you 'the beauty of solar is that you get free electricity'. This is, of course, not entirely true, since a solar system costs money. What customers mean, however, is that once paid for, they have very little running costs. With kerosene or a diesel generator, the running costs are high. But with solar, the fuel customers would have otherwise bought is provided by the sun, which rises every day free

Power Niagara Falls electricity was to run Buffalos streetcars

The victory also marked the end of the Battle of the Currents, which pitted Nikola Tesla's alternating current equipment against an earlier empire that Thomas Edison had built on his hopes for direct current. Nikola Tesla was a superrstar a hundred years ago, much as athletes and entertainers are today, said New jersey aerospace and telecommunications data engineer William H Ter+v*, a great-nephew of the inventor and head of the Testa Memorial Society.

Understanding Threephase Power

The concept of three-phase power was originally conceived by Nikola Tesla. Tesla proved that three-phase power was far superior to single-phase power. In a single-phase unit, the power falls to zero during each cycle. In a three-phase unit, however, it never drops to zero. No matter where you are in the cycle, one of the three phases is nearing its peak. As a result, the power delivered to the load is nearly the same at any instant. Furthermore, three-phase is typically 150 more efficient as compared with single-phase within the same power range, and in a three-phase unit the conductors need only be 75 the size of conductors for single-phase for the same power output. All these advantages make three-phase power efficient to produce and distribute. Let's find out why.

Biggest Motor in the World

Nikola Tesla has been called by scientific men, who do not award praise freely or indiscriminately, 'the greatest living electrician.' At the recent convention of electricians held in St. Louis a well-known electric journal issued daily bulletins or 'extras' giving a list of the delegates and distinguished attendants as they arrived at the convention, a program of the day's proceedings and a special article of immediate interest having reference to the current discussions of the convention.

Basic Model Air type Gravity Motor

Fuelless Wheel

You can never build any of our free energy devices and show them to any part of the media or newspaper media in anyway or you will be sued as well as all other legal action taken. Our free energy devices must be built by individuals like you, this is the plan we have chosen to take and will slowly introduce free energy devices to the world Free energy devices must be slowly introduced to the world If you do not take our advice and you try to get away with manufacturing our devices, not only will we find you and take legal action but Big Brother will take action as well ( Who ever Big Brother realy is ) Who ever they are, they have agents who take care of these things and much differently than we would do. Believe me, we have tried to manufacture them ourselves and found out the hard way IN THE 1994 AT&T 1-800 BUSINESS YELLOW PAGES BOOK A manufacturing company tried to sell free energy electric motors and generators Wow That takes guts They had a large ad on one of the yellow book...

Faraday Maxwell Quaternions and Heaviside

In the early 1890s, quaternions in electrodynamics were discarded in a short debate , mostly in the journal Nature, and vector electromagnetics was adopted. So Maxwell's 20 quaternion equations 20 in some 20 unknowns contain a wealth of electrodynamics 122 that is not included in Heaviside's 123 later vector curtailment after Maxwell's death, or in the modern tensor formulation. As an example, Nikola Tesla's patented circuits cannot be properly understood in either a vector EM or tensor EM analysis. However, very novel functions performed in them can be seen in a quaternion EM analysis, as has been clearly shown by Barrett 124 . Any electrodynamicist, who has looked at Tesla's work only in terms of tensor or vector classical electrodynamics, has no concept of what Tesla was actually doing. Since that is precisely how most academics have examined Tesla's work, they have had little idea of the functions he was actually able to accomplish in circuits functions that U.S. electrical...

The Fuelless Engine Plans

Fuelless Engine Plans

This engine motor free energy generator does work If you need technical help please contact us by E-mail only, we will try our best to get back to you and help you as quick as we can. These plans are for your eyes only This invention has been suppressed by very powerful people, persons and companies that I can not reveal to you. This invention holds US Patents and these plans are protected. Copyrighted. Let me put it this way, No free energy device at this present time, 2003, can be manufactured or sold anywhere in the world. Believe me we have already tried several times and it is not worth it. But as a back yard researcher you can build discover, research and build any free energy device you want just as long as you keep it TOP SECRET You can build this engine and any other free energy device we sell the plans to for your own personal use only It would be very wise and safer for you and your family to keep it under lock and key, A good idea is to build yourself a secure Generator...

Self Powered Magnetohydrodynamic Motors

Interesting self-powered magnetohydrodynamic motor work has been shown by Bednarek 424 . He shows a multi-branch rotor in a galvanic cell composed of sulphuric acid electrolyte with copper and zinc electrodes. The unit develops an emf of about 1 volt, with the rotor placed in a vertical magnetic field such as from a large rectangular permanent magnet, where the field of the magnet is a few teslas in strength. The electrolyte and the rotor revolve in opposite directions. To change the direction of revolution of the rotor, the magnetic field direction is reversed. A linear self-powered magnetohydrodynamic motor is also shown, and has a similar principle of operation.

The Oscillatory Chamber

It is very noticeable in any scientific exhibition or open day in a laboratory, that when a demonstrator starts up an apparatus producing sparks, for example a Tesla coil, an Induction coil or a Van de Graaff machine, spectators irresistibly gravitate towards the display. Claps of thunder and lightning flashes have always possessed a kind of mysterious, hypnotic power which acts on everyone and which provides memorable experiences. The power emanating from inside the Oscillatory Chamber will similarly capture the attention and imagination of people witnessing it. Future observers of the operation of this device will have the impression that they are facing an unknown living creature, absorbed in the fulfillment of its own fascinating and mysterious physiological functions, rather than seeing a piece of machinery engaged in its ordinary process of operation. The wealth of energy, trapped, curbed and waiting within the walls of the chamber, will fascinate witnesses, leaving them with a...

Because the dimensions of the coefficient of dielectric induction or farads is given by the inverse of the square of

Many believe that this lost energy is radiated away from the tower in the same manner as light & heat radiation from a light bulb. While this theory seems plausible, there exists evidence that it may not be the correct interpretation of how the energy is lost. Nikola Tesla, the discoverer of radio, claimed repeatedly that the electromagnetic radiation theory (then known as the Hertzian wave theory) was inimical to the proper understanding of the wireless process as he conceived it.

COP Figures Mechanical not electrical overunity

Is the Adams motor a free energy device As stated above, it requires less energy to demagnetize the pm field in the stator cores, than you gain in the 'yaw to register' stator attraction phase, because of the 'free precharge' Lenz effect manifested in the overwound generator configured stator coils. Is that free energy You tell me. Sounds just like a scientific effect to me, rather than something 'free' and magical. What Mr Aspden was unable to state because his unit for unknown reasons was not capable of the necessary high rpms, was that the 12-15 energy gain you make from that asymmetry, causes a brief negative impulse to be issued from the central pole face of permanent magnets, a process clarified by the recent disclosure of the POD magnetic schematic. This is conducted along the length of the stator core, hence the current pulse is converted to a time negative polarity. It then promptly flows BACKWARDS to the source, which it recharges. To this extent, it is perhaps more accurate...

Po Box Chula Vista CA

Kromrey Converter

At this point I want to take the opportunity and thank John Bedini and his lovely wife for their hospitality and assistance. It takes persons like John to get the free energy rolling. Without his publication 1 of the detailed plans for his free energy device, we would definitely not have seen the free energy devices demonstrated during the Tesla Symposium. 1 Bedini's Free Energy Generator by Jchn Bedini, Tesla Book Company, Millbrae, California 1984

The Tesla Connection a reminder

Free Energy Adam Motor

Through successive experimental arrangements, Tesla discovered several facts concerning the production of his effect. First, the cause was undoubtedly found in the abruptness of charging. It was in the switch closure, the very instant of closure and break , which thrust the effect out into space. The effect was definitely related to time, impulse time. Second, Tesla found that it was imperative that the charging process occurred in a single impulse. No reversal of current was permissible, else the effect would not manifest. In this, Tesla made succinct remarks describing the role of capacity in the spark-radiative circuit. He found that the effect was powerfully strengthened by placing a capacitor between the disrupter and the dynamo. While providing a tremendous power to the effect, the dielectric of the capacitor also served to protect the dynamo windings. Finally, the effect could also be greatly intensified to new and more powerful levels by raising the voltage, quickening the...

Promises Of Worldwide Wireless Power Transfer

Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla was a prolific inventor best known for the AC induction motor and AC polyphase distribution system which are the basis for our present AC power system. His other inventions include the Tesla coil, high frequency generators, the Tesla Magnifyomg Transmitter, key elements of radio, single electrode high frequency, the single electrode x-ray tube, a viscous turbine, and remote control. Following his developments in low frequency AC machines and power distribution systems , Tesla experimented with single electrode, high frequency, high voltage lamps utilizing rarefied gases, the forerunner of present fluorescent lights. Initially he utilized patented high frequency alternators with 384 poles to produce the necessary 20 KHz power, but subsequently invented the disruptive discharge high voltage transformer, a.k.a. Tesla Coil, in 1891 33 . In a Tesla Coil, low frequency AC power is amplified in voltage with a conventional transformer. The output of this transformer...

Introduction To Non Conventional Energy

Over ten years ago, I was privileged to present a paper at Dr. Hans Nieper's first German Symposium of Gravitational Field Energy which resulted in an article describing it for Energy Unlimited magazine 1 , The conference was, I believe, without precedence. Dr. Nieper wrote about the conference in a book he called Conversion of Gravity Field Energy 2 . He also revised the book into a later edition he called Dr. Nieper's Revolution in Technology, Medicine and Society 3 , Dr. Nieper introduced so many revolutionary scientists at that one conference that several people on this side of the ocean invited them to attend a few similar conferences here in North America. Reference is made to the First, Second and Third international Symposia On Non-Conventional Energy Technology (ISONCET) held about a year apart in the U.S. and Canada by the Planetary Association for Clean Energy (PACE) 4 . George Hathaway, who was the Chairman of the First ISONCET, even coined the new word non-conventional to...

The Wireless Telegraphic Connection

Free Energy

A problem of drawing power from telegraph stations appeared when the Federal Radio Commission on Nov. 11, 1928 limited the amount that could be transmitted. The transmitted frequency also had to be well defined. Spark-gap transmitters simply could not meet these requirements. Scores of spark gap driven telegraph stations had to be dismantled and in effect had been given death sentences. This spelled disaster for Moray. He could still draw energy from the background radio noise produced by the great cosmos but the amount of power that he could obtain was severely limited. Originally, Moray's source of power was drawn from the local spark gap radio transmitting stations through the ground. Moray could draw power from the radio frequencies generated by nature but unfortunately only very low power could be had from this source. This forced Moray to develop a more favorable detector material. It was not too long before he got the inspiration to add radioactive dopants to his Swedish stone...

The True Meaning of Wireless Transmission of Power

Fritz Lowenstein

Many researchers have speculated on the meaning of the phrase non-Hertzian waves as used by Dr. Nikola Tesla.1 Dr. Tesla first began to use this term in the mid 1890's in order to explain his proposed system for the wireless transmission of electrical power. In fact, it was not until the distinction between the method that Heinrich Hertz was using and the system Dr. Tesla had designed, that Dr. Tesla was able to receive the endorsement of the renowned physicist, Lord Kelvin. l To this day, however, there exists a confusion amongst researchers, experimentalists, popular authors and laymen as to the meaning of non-Hertzian waves and the method Dr. Tesla was promoting for the wireless transmission of power. In this paper, the terms pertinent to wireless transmission of power will be explained and the methods being used by present researchers in a recreation of the Tesla's 1899 Colorado Springs experiments will be defined. 1 An honorary doctorate degree, was awarded Nikola Tesla in June,...

Recent Events and Accomplishments

Pennsylvania and New York have issued proclamations naming July 10 as Nikola Tesla Day. At least six U. S. Representatives and Senator Carl Levin of Michigan have made speeches in Congress commemorating Tesla's July 10 Birthday. When we get copies of the Congressional Record, we will certainly make them available to the International Tesla Society. There may be other recognition of this day and we will just have to wait on them. Sometimes we only hear about the proclamations of various States after the fact. Figure 1. A plaque honoring the achievements of Nikola Tesla. Now located in the United Engineering Headquarters in Manhattan, it was originally to be placed at the Hotel New Yorker, where Tesla had been a long time resident. - William Terbo Further, John has been carrying on an effort to enlist the support of university level educational institutions to properly recognize the scientific contributions of Nikola Tesla. He has encouraged his students in a letter writing campaign...

Atmospheric Electricity

The production and utilization of atmospheric electricity for the well being of humankind has been the goal of scholars and researchers for countless years now. However, the implementation of a real working device has remained a pious desire until today. This is because well-intentioned researchers turn away from the simple fact that there is free electricity in the atmospheric air just waiting to power our appliances. Only in the last year have I realized through new experiences and investigations that atmospheric electricity may be drawn into an electronic device in usable quantities to be converted into useful power.

Closed Path Homopolar Machine

The low reluctance path permits the electromagnets to produce a high field-(limited to 2.2 Teslas by the saturation of iron) with a relatively low value of coil excitation current. Thus overheating is avoided and the full potential of the homopolar generator is achieved.

The Key Elements Of Worldwide Wireless Power Transfer

The source transmitter, consisting of Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter is the most highly developed elements of the system, as evidenced by the standard terminology of wireless power transmission . In this paper, the term transfer emphasizes the importance of other system elements as well. The Tesla Coil is remarkable efficient power processing element, and Corum and Corum have shown that Tesla's Colorado Springs Transmitter operated a power levels high by even modern standards, with peak average power levels some four orders or magnitude higher that those of the Stanford Linear Accelerator. 21 The operating frequencies of a wireless system could be expected to be low enough so as to not interfer with present communications of electronic systems. The FCC does not make frequency allocations below 9Khz and Tesla had predicted the operating frequency to be below 20 Khz. Circuit interrupters in conventional Tesla coils could be expected to create a significant amount of wide-band EMI...

Communication Perspective Is it Attractive

In Kenya, rural customers were found to 'relish the idea' that, once the panel was bought, electricity costs were minimal two-thirds of all respondents in a questionnaire cited 'free electricity' as an advantage of solar.8 Furthermore, in Kenya the same authors found that customers perceived not only that solar was less costly, but that it was more convenient to turn on and off, was less vulnerable to fuel price fluctuations, saved journeys, and was far less hazardous.

The Effect Of Static On Wireless Transmission Electrical Experimenter

Ratzlaff, Tesla Book Company, Millbrae, CA, 1984. 2. Dr. Nikola Tesla Selected Patent Wrappers, compiled by John T. Ratzlaff, Tesla Book Company, 1980, Vol. I, Pg. 128. 3. The Disturbing Influence of Solar Radiation on the Wireless Transmission of Energy , by Nikola Tesla, Electrical Review, July 6, 1912, PP. 34, 35. 4. The Effect of Static on Wireless Transmission , by Nikola Tesla, Electrical Experimenter, January 1919, PP. 627,658. 6. Colorado Springs Notes, 1899 - 1900, Nikola Tesla, Nikola Tesla

Of the Internationa Tesla Society

When new ideas involving power and resonance (Tesla Technology) are being explored, news of these explorations are not readily available in most orthodox scientific publications. By being a member of the International Tesla Society and receiving Extraordinary Science, the Society's quarterly magazine, you have an invaluable resource for the latest in technical advances, available books and upcoming events.

Early Radiant Energy Circuit Figure

Transformer and the entire cycle of operations is repeated. It will be understood that all of this passes in an infinitesimal fraction of a second. The charge and discharge of the capacitor takes place so rapidly that the observer can detect no change in the solid spark that appears continuously to fill the gap. It should also be understood that if the oscillating tank circuit has the correct impedance, reactance and inductance, it would absorb energy from an external oscillating electrical source. Energy is therefore captured. The tank oscillations can be kept alive by establishing resonance with the external source. In the case of Moray's early radiant energy receiver, the capacitor was charged through a material that acted like a high voltage diode. This material he called Swedish stone. Electrons (electricity) were actually generated in the discharge tubes and fed back to the antenna and ground circuitry. This mode of energy generation is explained in more detail on pages 37 to 38.

Midwest soar

So far, my PV system has produced more than 4 megawatt-hours of electricity, and knocked close to 900 off my electric bills. Originally, I'd predicted a ten- to twelve-year financial payback for my PV investment. After living with the system for awhile, it looks like I may end up on the high side of my original estimate. But even if it does take twelve years for the system to offset its original cost, my modules are warranted to generate electricity for another thirteen years, and will likely continue to do so for fifteen or more years beyond that. After the twelve-year mark, it's all free electricity. And that'll be right around the time I'll be thinking about retirement. Perfect.

Error Discussion

For future experiments, it is important to have efficiency curves for the motor in use and to measure to four-place accuracy wherever possible. The fascinating discoveries of the OPFG in the lab, the connection to the earth's own core activity, and the prediction by Nikola Tesla make the interest in the OPFG justifiably increase year after year. THE FREE ENERGY DEVICE HANDBOOK Proc. Sntersoc. Energy Conver. Eng. Confer., 1991

Section Three

High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic and other Purposes. Paper read by Nikola Tesla, September 13, 1898 at the Eighth Annual Meeting of the American Electro-Therapeutic Association, Buffalo, New York. THE ELECTRICAL ENGINEER, December 23, 189l, p.670. Massage with Currents of High Frequency by N. Tesla. 6. ELECTRICAL REVIEW, March 11, 1896. On Roentgen Rays by Nikola Tesla. 9. COLORADO SPRINGS NOTES, 1899 - 1900 (Eng Pub. by NOLIT, Beograd. Yugoslavia, 1978 (English Edition), Nikola Tesla. 13. THE WORLD TODAY, Vol XXI, No. 8, February 1912, pp. 718-722. Nikola Tesla, Dreamer by Allan t. Benson. 14. ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER, May 1919, p. 21. The True Wireless by Nikola Tesla. 17. Tesla mates careful notes in the COLORADO SPRINGS NOTES, Op. Cit., to study the ELF effects on both planes and animals. 18. TALKING WITH THE PLANETS, by Nikola Tesla. Colliers Illustrated Weekly, Vol. XXVI,No. 19, January 9, 1901.


ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER, February 1919, pp. 696-697 and p. 743. My Inventions - 1. My early life. by Nikola Tesla. This autobiography was published in five installments. O'Neill, John J. 2. PRODIGAL GENIUS, The Life of Nikola Tesla. Ives Washburn, Inc. New York, 1944. 4. ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER, April 1919, pp 864-865. My Inventions - My Later Endeavours. The Discovery of the Rotating Magnetic Field. by Nikola Tesla. My principal source for this information was the late John Rays Hammond, Jr. of Gloucester, Mass.


Worldwide wireless power began as a concept with the pioneering work of Nikola Tesla about 100 vears ago. His principal approach is summarized. The viability of such a system must still be demonstrated and many questions remain. Potentially, a wireless system can transfer power more efficiently and flexibly, especially to and from remote regions. The principal elements of worldwide wireless power transfer include 1) the source an oscillator transmitter, 2) the path the cavity bounded by the earth and the ionosphere and 3) the receiver a means of extracting power from the path. The system transfers and stores energy via the resonance modes of the cavity. The key challenges facing demonstration of technical feasibility are in finding an efficient means of coupling power into and out of the earth-ionosphere cavity, and in devising a feasible receiver that is both small and efficient. Along with demonstrating technical feasibility, new research must consider safety, environmental impact,...

Tesla Statue

The large oversized statue of Nikola Tesla stands on Goat Island in Niagara Falls, with the only remaining part of the Adams Plant, the entrance archway, in the background. It is the only full figure statue of Tesla in the world. Created by a Yugoslavian sculptor, it was unveiled on July 23, 1976, commemorating the 120th anniversary of Tesla's birth. He looks sad as we see him from the side, studying his notes, his fingers worn from all of the kids that climb up on his lap. Most of the kids have no idea who Tesla was, but take advantage of the statue.

Project Tesla

Although it was not until 1954-1959 when experimental measurements were made of the frequency that is propagated in the resonant cavity surrounding the Earth, recent analysis shows that it was Nikola Tesla who, in 1899, first noticed the existence of stationary waves in the Schumann cavity. Tesla's experimental measurements of the wave length and frequency involved closely match Schumann's theoretical calculations. Some of these observations were made in 1899 while Tesla was monitoring the electromagnetic radiations due to lightning discharges in a thunderstorm which passed over his Colorado Springs laboratory and then moved more than 200 miles eastward across the plains. In his Colorado Springs Notes, Tesla noted that these stationary waves can be produced with an oscillator, and added in parenthesis, This is of immense importance. 6 The importance of his observations is due to the support they lend to the prime objective of the Colorado Springs laboratory. The intent of the...

Section Five

It is obvious that the splashing of radio interference all over the planet originating in the Soviet Union has military scientists on edge as they try to second guess Soviet intentions and technology. It is not too surprising that the U.S. military analysts would guess that the Soviet Union were developing a directed-beam weapon, for this idea has a long history. The invention of the directed-beam goes back to the year 1900, when Nikola Tesla invented his magnifying transmitter which developed such high voltages that it equaled lightning bolt effects found in nature. However, he did not reveal to the world the development of his Beam to Kill Army at 200 Miles. Tesla's Claim on 78th Birthday. Dr. Nikola Tesla, inventory of polyphase electrical current, pioneer in high frequency transmission, predecessor of Marconi with the wireless, celebrated his 78th birthday yesterday by announcing his invention of a beam of force somewhat similar to the death ray of scientific romance. It is small...


Stirling Water Piston

Other free energy devices with conclusions The Jospeh H.Cater Free energy device The four principles of gravity A new theory of planet orbit Radioactive Battery 111604 Part three Electricity out of thin Air Part 1. Your Inventions and Ideas are needed now Radioactive Battery 111604 Part four Tapping the Earth's Free Electricity Part 2 The Home page of Solaris Radioactive Battery 111604 Part five Articles on Electrostatics

AC versus DC

The Westinghouse and Thomson-Houston companies preferred AC, and their faith was justified when Nikola Tesla invented a practical AC motor in 1888. Additional Tesla polyphase patents made AC systems more efficient, and these patents were used by Westinghouse at Niagara Falls in 1895. During the 1880s a sometimes fierce (and not always logical) battle was waged between proponents of AC and of DC. Edison himself became less involved as he devoted more time to his new laboratory at West Orange, New Jersey, after 1886, and as he became more involved with his iron-ore project. The Edison and Thomson-Houston companies merged in 1892 to form General Electric.

Brief History

Invented in the period 1967-1969 by Mr Robert Adams of New Zealand, for a variety of reasons the technology did not win immediate acceptance, not least of which was that the New Zealand government and the Lucas corporation, for various reasons, allegedly directly suppressed it, followed by a typically botched and incompetent CIA assassination attempt. That this direct suppression could happen during a period of global economic crisis triggered by the 1970s oil shock, is simply astonishing, and with hindsight, outright scandalous. As for the academics, they ignored it, and simply told Mr Adams free energy was impossible and 'against all the laws of physics'. Academics like to put theory before experiment - it is their way. Frustrated in 1992 Mr Adams published his technology in Nexus Magazine, putting for the very first time, a working free energy device into the public domain. However, sadly, the continued lack of interest in free energy solutions from the general public, government,...

Personal Thoughts

Let me talk for just a moment about the character of Tesla. Much has been written about the public persona of Nikola Tesla, usually dealing with the creation and implementation of his inventions and discoveries. They show a man of intellect, dedication and perseverance, but an over abundance of these quantities creates a picture of a somber and sober person with a single-mindedness that seems to preclude a more human side. Much has also been speculated on the private side of Nikola Tesla. This speculation was much influenced by his fastidious dress, his formal manners and his precise writing style, Aside from the more outrageous speculations, the conclusion was usually drawn that this was an introverted and driven workaholic, without a fully developed personal side. However, put in the context of the times, dress, manners and precision in writing were really hallmarks of the decades on either side of the turn of the century. We have very few instances of verifiable anecdotes from his...


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Market Analysis

A full size, 51 foot diameter, air core, radio frequency resonating coil and a unique 130 foot tower, insulated 30 feet above ground, have been constructed and are operational at an elevation of approximately 11,000 feet. This system was originally built by Robert Golka in 1973-1974 and used until 1982 by the United States Air Force at Wendover AFB in Wendover, Utah. The USAF used the coil for simulating natural lightning for testing and hardening fighter aircraft. The system has a capacity of over 600 kilowatts. The coil, which is the largest part of the system, has already been built, tested, and is operational. A location at a high altitude is initially advantageous for reducing atmospheric losses which work against an efficient coupling to the Schumann Cavity. The high frequency, high voltage output of the coil will be half wave rectified using a uniquely designed single electrode X-ray tube. The X-ray tube will be used to charge a 130 ft. tall, vertical tower which will function...

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