There is disclosed herein an elcctric machine or engine in which a rotor cage having an array of electromagnets is rotatable in an array of electromagnets, or fixed electromagnets are juxtaposed against movable ones. The coils of the electromagnets arc conncctcd in the discharge path of capacitors charged to relatively high voltage and discharged through the electromagnetic coils when selected rotor and stator elements are in alignment, or when the fixed electromagnets and movable electromagnets are juxtaposed. The discharge occurs across spark gaps disclosed in alignment with respect to the desired juxtaposition of the selected movable and stationary electromagnets. The capacitor discharges occur simultaneously through juxtaposed stationary movable electromagnets wound so that their respective cores are in magnetic repulsion polarity, thus resulting in the forced motion of mov-able electromagnetic elements away from the juxtaposed stationary electromagnetic elements at the discharge. thereby achieving motion. In an engine, the discharges occur successively across selected ones of the gaps to maintain continuous rotation. Capacitors arc recharged between successive alignment positions of particular rotor and stator electromagnets of the engine.

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