Is Static In External Space



Basics of Space Vortex Theory (S VT)

The absolute vacuum in SVT is a nonmaterial entity—an uncompressible, nonvis-cous, massless and continuous medium and its dynamical field equations or laws are formulated introducing concept of energy-fields. An electron is postulated to be an irrotational vortex of space with a spherical central void of sub-microscopic radius of about ten raised to the power minus eleven centimeter, within which the space with physical attributes develops discontinuity of energy field (Fig.l). New equations that quantify mass and charge of electrons and enable the computation of energy for its creation and annihilation are derived in SVT through an analysis based on the dynamical equations. It also follows from the theory that the electron is the only fundamental particle that can build all of the other stable particles of matter of the universe.

Experimental Proof

The above structure of the electron is substantiated through some recent experiments on electromagnetic induction. These experiments have brought to light a new phenomenon in which electromotive force is generated in an electrical conductor even if there is no relative motion between the conductor and the magnetic field which is unlike the principle behind the operation of modern electrical generators for which relative motion between the conductor and the magnetic field is a must (Fig.2). Further, the electrical power generation in the newly discovered phenomenon does not fully reflect in a proportional increase of the input power, thereby giving an efficiency of more than unity, and revealing a new vital fact that absolute vacuum in the interatomic space of matter can generate electrical charge and power when it is set in a dynamic state (Fig. 3). An experiment similar to above was first

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