How One Lodestone Attracts Another

TTÍ 7HEN you have discovered the north and * * the south pole in your lodestone, mark them both carefully, so that by means of these indentations they may be distinguished whenever necessary. Should you wish to see how one lode-stone attracts another, then, with two lodestones selected and prepared as mentioned in the preceding chapter, proceed as follows : Place one in its dish that it may float about as a sailor in a skiff, and let its poles which have already been determined be equidistant from the horizon, i. e., from the edge of the vessel. Taking the other stone in your hand, approach its north pole to the south pole of the lodestone floating in the vessel ; the latter will follow the stone in your hand as if longing to cling to it. If, conversely, you bring the south end of the lodestone in your hand toward the north end of the floating lode-stone, the same phenomenon will occur ; namely, the floating lodestone will follow the one in your hand. Know then that this is the law : the north

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