General Construction And Testing Procedures Of The Adams Motor Generator

An ideal drive winding pole can be very readily available by obtaining some B.P.O. 3000 type relays (ex Telecom). Simply remove present winding, cut core in half, re-thread, assemble and fill with winding. This is a quick and cheap method of obtaining a very high quality non-retentive steel core. As aforementioned, winding resistances used by the inventor varied between 0.03125 to 27 ohms.

The above windings described are ample to drive prototypes even in a 180° application. You will find speeds up to 2500 rpm with only two of these windings 180° apart - no problem.

For A.C. Output Coil Windings and Core:

Ideal cores can be built cheaply and quickly by dismantling a spare power or audio transformer and utilising the "1" section laminations, obtain winding former to fit same and it is ready for winding. Turns and gauge will depend on what voltage and current you choose. Remember, at this stage, you should only be building a demonstration model, so to speak.

After a few changes, corrections and/or general modifications you will be ready to put a mechanical and/or electrical load on the machine. For an electrical load it is suggested you firstly wire up a bank of 6 - 12 LEDs. If everything is go, then switch over to torch lamps: Later on with a bigger machine - car lamps, or maybe household lamps and a mechanical load simultaneously. For Efficiency Testing

Milliamp meters are useless for this machine - do not use for testing. Use only high quality digital true RMS meters, with input power, for high accuracy, use only a high quality electronic wattmeter: These instruments measure extremely accurately any wave-shape. A good twin-beam oscilloscope is a must: So too a high quality electronic temperature-measuring instrument with appropriate probe.

Drill dead centre of one or both cores, as per drawing.

Probe must be good fit. If, after one hour of running on load and temperature is around 40°, that will indicate things are most likely working correctly.

Don't forget your ambient in Australia will be considerably higher than ours. Read the inventor's rotary and solid state efficiency measurement data sheet.

Rotor-stator air gap is not critical, but the closer the better.

As stated elsewhere, the stator pole faces, if desired, may be reduced to 25% of the rotor pole face area, hence large drive windings and high drive current is not required.

With care to detai\ correct mathematical calculations and high quality instrumentation correctly utilised, incredible results can be expected. Study data submitted shows those results have been attained on several machines. Temperature of conventional machines internally reach boiling point after fifteen minutes running. Check the Adams Motor Generator after running on full load for 48 hours, or alter fifteen minutes if you prefer not to wait that long. You will be very pleasantly surprised - I refer to maximum loading conditions, not free running. Mechanical Loading Test:

A high quality strain measuring instrument must be used in the universal "pony brake" method of mechanical load testing.

RPM tests must also be obtained with a high quality tachometer and/or oscilloscope reading and use the universal equation to calculate mechanical machine efficiency.

Note: Very Important Factor:

As you increase duty cycle, current input will increase and efficiency will decrease. From random test sheet results I have chosen it is very clear what to expect upon increasing duty cycle. Note:

The Adams Motor Generator is so efficient, so simple and consequently it's construction is such that it surpasses overwhelmingly anything before it, thus lending itself admirably to mass production.

One of a number of unique features of the Adams Machine is the fact that the same rotor poles are utilised simultaneously for driving the machine and generating output energy. Construction Equation - Adams Motor Generator -20/12/76

It was found, after considerable development work, that maximum electro-magnetic effect produced in the stalloy slacked generating pole windings occurrcd when the dimension of the mating end of the stacks were four times greater in area than the rotor magnet's pole area. Hence the overall design of the machine incorporates this derived ratio of one to four. (The Adams Equation, as applies only to the Adams Machine).

Feedback- 20/12/1976

The feedback, produced by the output generating coil, produces a polarity reversal normally resulting in large eddy current losses in conventional machines, but, in the Adams Machine, it is harnessed to develop further additional torque to the magnetic rotor. 'The larger the output generating coils the greater the torque delivered to the rotor. Power Factor - 1/7/1976

There is no power factor loss because the Adams Machine runs in a condition of resonance. Therefore, the Power Factor Loss is zero.

Magnetic Rotor Wave Oscilloscope

How to calculate the D.C. pulse timing of the stator coils on the Permanent Magnet Electric D.C. Motor Generator

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