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Novocbor 11, 1 9cs6

Dear Mr. Soule,

I have received your letter of 14th Oct, 1086 regarding invention of a energy machine by Jor-pph ;i«waar., I ve.-y much belicvo t.m i. each a^inveriiion is technically possible. That the patont office has not grunted Mr. Joseph iVewiaah, patent for hi3 invention despite his ?-ycftr struggle in this regard as stated in your letter, ia indeed a matter of regret. I am enclosing here a copy of my latest works 'Beyond Matter* which lays foundation for generation of energy and also matter ssi frorr. absolute vacuum. Any one who doubts the theoretical validity for a machine of the kind discovered by Joseph Newman , and l(ias learned by me through the relevant literature sent by yon to me can certainly go through my work3 and write to me for detailed discussions.

I shall certainly extend my help in whatever way you deem fit. Please do write to me a specfic plan in assisting Mr Joseph Newman if you have any.

With beat wishes,

Y ou rs sincerely

Br.cl: as above

Y ou rs sincerely

Mr Evan R. Soule, Jr. 1135 Jackson Avenue, Suite 305, New Orleana, Louisiana 701 20 (504) 524 - 3063.


Joseph Newman has something more to teach us with Figure 6, below, of his South African Patent!!

Simply stated, he is showing us that we can use our input E.M.F. and apply it too!!

To clarify this above statement, Newman's S. A. patent art discloses that the initial E.M.F. can be used to run the motor portion of his unit (300) in the drawing, below, while the electrical field effect increases the magnetic field of the motor coils, (303), as was previously discussed and illustrated.

The motor field coils (305) in turn, can be inductively coupled to one, two, or as an optimum of three induction coils, which then become E.M.F. generators, as (306) which will operate with no back-EMF involved.

The multiple induction field coils (306) are illustrated below in schematic form.

This is a very significant and momentus development in electrical engineering and specifically in electrical motor/generator design, which has not as yet had its full impact in the o/u/o field.

A minimum of threefold electrical output over unity ratio can easily be expected with the maximum ratio yet to be determined. It is projected that the maximum output to input ratio could be as high as twenty-five to one, by the use of optimum field coil design, that is the use of at least three secondary field coils, as indicated, and the idealizing of all the functional components of the unit.

From Bruney Research:- Any increased drain on the secondary coil windings will cause an increased current drain in the primary windings. However, the greater the current drain in the primary coils, the stronger the interaction between the primary coil and the permanent magnet (rotor). The result is that the increased current drain increases the output of the machine. The maximum output is, in turn, limited by the field strength of the permanent magnets.

In summary, the addition of the multiple secondary coils should effectively increase both the output and efficiency of the machine.

Motor Field -j Coil /


Induction-coup Field Coil —

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