How The Equivalence Engine Works

by Bruce E. DePalma

TIME ENERGY: In the conception of an idea such as a free energy machine the idea appears first as an inspiration or dream emerging as a result of incredible tension. The tension is resolved first as an intuition or dream of a machine (the language of the experimenter) which is then instituted or later explained on the basis of paradigms which form the structure of the language', i.e. physics. What we get is always in our genes, we just figure out how to say it. The tracks of man. We make up our own language as we go along.

A good way of figuring out or understanding where the energy comes from is to consider the Universe as a living form with both temporal and spatial extension. We can 'see' the spatial extension all around us but we only sense the time extension in the form of memory or vibrations around an object (the aura).

Although the physical body is anchored to the present the mind travels in time and space. The now consists of the point where future time intercepts past existence. This point is where an energy transfer takes place from the time energy of space to the real time of our past behavior or history. History is dead time. It exists in the mind of the rememberer until it dies and disappears. Records can be made, but they eventually disappear too. So the mind of man is finite and consists of all that he remembers or has records of. What I'm getting at is man and his world sits still in the present and the time-energy flowing through him energizes his present. So man and the world of man are like a projection slide through which the time energy plays and projects our existence out on the tapestry of created 'our time*. So man starts out as a pattern, illuminated by the time energy, he plays out his life in the emerging scroll of history. We do not go into the future. The so-called future comes into existence at the intersection of the time-energy flow with the matter (man, animals, the world) which is present. So the species has a total existence of what it remembers, together with the potentiality of what is present being energized by the time-energy flow through it.

We can say that things 4age' because of this time-energy flow. The miracle of life is that it has converted 'age' into a cycle through the mechanism of the seed. In this context, Immortality9 consists of remembering your past, up to the limit of the species itself—as manifested in any given region of space. We are all different parts in the body of the Universe, we just didn't know we were.

This blood plasma, this time energy flowing through all of us and everything, this is the fundamental energy of the Universe which animates all things. If everything which moves, and age is a form of motion, is animated by the same time energy; all lesser forms of energy, i.e. electricity, heat and pressure, are derived from that basic flow. It should be simple for us to tap this energy for the key is time is motion.

THE EQUIVALENCE ENGINE: The equivalence engine consists of a torsion pendulum excited at the nodal point. Power is taken from the end in motion. With reference to figure (la) we see a system which is a combination of two metal discs separated and connected by an elastic member, a rod joining the discs by their centers affixed

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