field fíux linea around the apparatus neld circuit, thus resulting in ever increasing total nuclear polarization cf half integral spin nuclei.

The non-electromagnetic forces so generated within the subject apparatus are directed to the working air gap within which is positioned the semi-conductor prooe 15. Therein the kinemassic forcts are constructively used to reduce the vibrational degrees of freedom ot the crystal laities structure of the semi-conductor probe resulting in a changc of its electrical conductivity property. More &pcciucai:y, the kicemassic neid, due to (he dynamic iuter-aciion of the gravitational coupling ot the mass components of the wheei in relation to the stationary portions ot the poic pieces in immediate proximity therewith, it restricted to the relatively high permeability material comprising the lovrer and upper muss members, and is concentrated at the working air gap by means of the conical poie pieces. Inserted in the air gap is the probe cr semi-conductor spin nuclei material.

Control circuitry connected to two of the four con- oq tacts on the semi-conductor probe 15 is designed to maintain a constant current flow across these contacts. At the same time the ambient temperature erf the area surrounding the equipment is permitted to increase. Ln fact the increase in ambient temperature is initiated well 05 in advance of the initiation of rotation of the generator wheel giving rise to the non-electromagnetic kinernassic force field. The constant increase in temperature b meant to mask out otherwise positive and negative temperature variations resulting in a reduced signal-to-noise ratio of 39 measurement.

In light of the gradual and constant increase in temperature of both the equipment and ambient conuúions surrounding the equipment, it might be expected that the thermal vibraticiis of crystal lattice of the semi-conductor 35 probe would likewise increase. In actuality, a measurable decrease in crystal latJce vibrations is detected within the semi-conductor probe. The actual measurements recorded are in t.-rms of nanc/olts of meter movement, and correspond to a decrease in lateral voltages measured 40 across the semi-conductor probe. These values can only be accounted for by an e.Tcctive polarization cf the spin nuclei of tho lattice structure due to the polarizing effects of the applied lincmassic force held. The polarization results in a change in the specific heat property of the crystal material, which in turn reflects itseif as an increase in electrical conductivity r.ica^urable by the galvanometer.

Reference is now made to FIG. 8 7/hich discloses in graphical relationship the results achieved by various arrangements of the semi-conductor probe with respect to the subject apparatus.

In the interpretation of the graphical relationships of HO. 8 it should be underwood that corrections for tempcjafjre variations have already been applied. These temperature corrections account for the heat applied to the svstem, that generated within the apparatus due to frictionai heating, as well as that due to the changc in specific heat property of the apparatus principally tl«e brasu members due to their relative bulk. The latter component represent a positive contribuí ion to the ambient tempenture due to the decrease iu degrees of freedom of the crystal lattice structure of the spin nuclei material when tubjected to the kinemassic force field. The above mentioned heat factors result in the increased temperature of the crass members of the apparatus; these increases being monitored by way ot the thermocouples positioned in proximity to the kinemassic field generating apparatus, member 35 of FIG. 7 being an example thereof.

Curve 1 of FIG. 8 represent! a static test conducted 70 over a period of 150 minutes, values being recorded at 3 minuto intervals which was standard procedure for the entire tet»t series. Information gathered in respect to curve 1 was useful in determining compensating taciors for ambient temperature changes. In curve 1 as well as

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