the particles therein, is zero because of the random distribution of spin orientations of the respective panicles. Polarization of the spin components so as to align a majority thereof in a preferred diiection establishes a field gradient normal to ihe spin axis of the elementary particles. The present invention is conccmed with an apparatus for establishing such a preferred orientation and as a result generating a net force component capable of being represented in various useful forms.

According, the primary object of the present invention concerns the provision of means for generating a kine-massic field due to the dynamic interaction of relatively moving bodies.

A further objcci of-the present invention concerns a

Apparatus and method for generating a non-electromagnetic force field due lo the dynamic interaction of reiaiiveiy moving bodies through gravitational coupling, and for transforming such fore* nei± islo energy for 15 generating apparatus wherein means are pro-

doing usefi»' ~ viiJcii r'or poiari^ng material portions of the apparatus so

'ihe method of generating such non-eiecromagnetic to reorient the sr,in of the elementary nuclear compo-

forcrs includes the steps of juxtaposing in held series re- ***** thereof in a preferred direction thereby generating lationship a stationar/ member, comprising spin nuclei material further characterized by a half integral spin value. 20 and a member capable of assi'r.ung relative motion with respect to said stationary rr-mder and also characterized by spin nuclei material of one-half integral spin value; ar>d initiating the rel?uve ration of said one member with respect to the otb*4 the interaction of the angular momentum properly cf spin nuclei with inertia! space effects the polarization of tl*e spin nuclei thereof, resulting in turn in. a net component of angular momentum which exh*"»;is itself in lite furm »»< * uirwile irwitnent c:»p?.bie of

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