salts which, realistica.'ly, .-nay be attributed to tie shunting effect. Tl^: statistical study mentioned above, substantiates the distinguishable nature of the data groups resulting in curves 2 and 5.

Curve 6 dcpicts the results of a test run in which the field permeability has been eliminated by removal from the test apparatus of the upper mass member and the two detector conical pole faces- The lower mass member has also beta adjusted downward so as to rest on the horizontal structural element 10. At the same time the spatial relationship between the generator assembly and the two deferentially connected probes was not altered. As may be observed from the curve 6, there occurred no change in thermal vibration of the InAs crystal lattice. The piot scatter observable during the 45 minutes wheel ipiu period is attributable to increased temperature gradients which developed between the probes and the respective thermocouples in the absence ox the various field circuit member thermal masses-

Further experimental results are available to substantiate the heretofore stated vunclusions concerning the operating characteristics or the subject apparatus. In this respect reference is made to the copending application of the present inventor entitled Method and Apparatus For Generating a Secondary Gravitational Force Field, filed Nov. 4, 1963 and bearing Ser. No. 773,051, the subject of which concerns an apparatus fur establishing a time variaat kinematic force rield.

It will be apparent irom the foregoing descriplion that there has been provided an apparatus for generating and transforming kinemassic forces due to a dynamic interaction field arising through gravitational coupling of relatively moving bouies. Although in its original application the kmemassic force has fcren applid to the reduction oJ thermal vibrations in the lait'ce srructure of a crystal, it should be readily apparent that other core significant uses of these forces are contemplated. In this respect the principles of the present invention may well be applied to any system in which bodiet are nonrespoasivc or only partially responsive to conventional forces such 40 as electromagnetic force fields. Thus, the present invention should have particular applicability to the stabilization of plasma particles, pursuant to controlled thermal nuclear fusion, or in the governing of temperatures and thermal energies within matter.

While in iccordancc with the provisions of the statutes, there has been iliust.aled and described the best forms of the invention known, it wiil be apparent to those skilled in the art that changes m^.y b< made in the apparatus described without depaning from the spirit of the inven- 50 tion as >et forth in the appended claims and that in some cases, certain features of the inveniion may be used to advantage without a corresponding use of other features.

Having now described the invention, what is clr.imed as new and for which it is desired to secure Letters Patent 33 is:

1. An energy generating and transforming apparatus comprising a first member, said first member further comprised of spin nuclei material and mounted so as to be freely rotatable about an axis located within said first member, at least one stationary member, said stationary member comprised of spin nuclei material and positioned immediately adjacent said first member, and means for effecting the rotation of said first member whereby it is effective in impressing a non-clccuomagnetic force onto said stationary member.

2. A method for generating a non-electromagnetic forcc field and for convening such force field into useful

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