h) Swiss M-L Converter

The Swiss M-L converter is a fully symmetrical, influence-type energy converter, which is essentially based on the Wimhurst electrostatic generator with its twin, matched counter-rotating discs.

It is apparent that this unit design has been substantially upgraded over the old Wimhurst electrostatic generators, but still has the characteristic metallic foil sectors which both generate and carry small charges of electricity to be stored in matched capacitors. Each sector accumulates the charges derived by influence with the other sectors.

In the old Wimhurst units diagonal neutralizing brushes on each opposite disc distribute the correct charges to the sectors as they revolve, but in this new M-L converter this function is accomplished by a crystal diode at higher efficiencies than the older design.

Two collection brushes collect the accumulating charges and conduct them to the storage capacitor, located at the top of this new design. Unlike the old Wimhurst design, this new converter utilizes several new and improved features such as two horseshoe magnets with matched coils, and a hollow cylindrical magnet as a part of the diode function, and two Leyden jars or flasks, which apparently serve as the final capacitor function for the converter.

It becomes apparent that this new converter susbtantially increases the current (amperage) flow with the addition of the coil and magnets combination, as in the Coler solid-state devices. The use of top grade components, such as gold-plated contacts, control electrodes and dual capacitor stages insure much higher conversion efficiences than was possible with the old Wimhurst machines. The general specification for the operating prototype are:

1) Efficiency: 1:106, due to self-sustained operation. The unit is started by hand revolving, with no other input power source required!!

2) Constant Power Output: 300 volts @ 10 Amperes = 3KW.

3) Dimensions: 43.31" wide, 17.72" deep, 23.62" high

4) Weight: 44 Lbs. Operating speed 60rpm.

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