FIG. 6: Graph showing oscilloscope trace of characteristic voltage across stator windings.

I have for many years been waiting the opportunity to make a start on writing about my life as an electrical engineer and inventor, but have been reluctant to do so because of the possible reaction frc^i one formidable individual who was instrumental in causing me untold frustration, ridicule, anxiety, financial problems, and health decline.

With the passing of Rob Muldoon, I now feel more deposed to exposing what he and his regime subjected me to, and the possible subsequent valuable loss to our country as a result.

I personally had a meeting with Muldoon and others at his home office in Tamaki regarding my invention.

The result of the meeting was that he recommended me to the Inventions Development Authority. In all good faith I duly contacted the inventions development authority and that folks was the beginning of the saga which was destined to follow.

The Inventions Development Authority passed me along to DSIR, who at the time were frantically working on their own energy systems, and assisting Government with various 'Think Big' projects.

Time rolled on, and DSIR monkeyed me around for several months; there were, as always, excuses for not proceeding with completion of their strange testing apparatus to test my machine.

In the meantime, Rob Muldoon appoints himself Minister in Charge of SIS, the department with world-wide connections to the CIA, ASIO, FBI and Interpol!

I had meanwhile, designed a bigger proving machine and had placed orders overseas for magnets and devices for pulsing equipment. Time went by, well beyond expected delivery dates, with no sign of the devices, nor any correspondence pertaining to my orders to any of the electrical companies. I lodged person-to-person calls to the people who originally signed the confirming correspondence to me, to be told that "that person is no longer with us and we cannot help you any more."

Muldoon had by now, committed the whole country to the New Plymouth Power Station, Huntly Power Station, Marsden Oil Refinery, etc etc. The Government signalled its intentions that it was in no way going to let a little outsider like me come into the act with a revolutionary machine capable of countering the so-called energy crisis.

Muldoon at this stage, had me well taped up so to speak. My phone, I was informed, was tapped, my mail was intercepted and I was kept under observation.

I held a number of meetings with the Chief Post Office Investigating Officer regarding the matter of mail disappearance and interception, with the same negative and unsatisfactory answers and results as from other Government departments. After the lapse of several months, the machine was finally evaluated by DSIR.

I must mention here an interesting fact regarding the evaluation of my machine by the DSIR. It happens that a certain electrical engineer that I was involved with, who incidentally, also evaluated my machine, informed me that the person designated the role of evaluating my machine in DSIR, was in fact a mechanical engineer with no background, knowledge, nor qualifications of any description pertaining to electrical or electronic engineering, and further that the

Auckland Division did not possess a member on the staff qualified to undertake such a project. This person none-the-less did do the evaluation and indeed signed the test results.

(You may well wonder how did this independent electrical engineer have such inside information on the DSIR? Well, it so happened that he himself had been their one and only electrical engineer in the Auckland Division, and I might add, a specialist on electrical motors too.)

That an unqualified person was assigned the task of evaluating the possibilities of a revolutionary motor is further evidence to me of conspiracy.

DSIR Evaluation - 5.8% efficiency

Lucas Industries Evaluation - 100% efficiency!

Other independent eminent engineers' findings, including those of the ex-electrical engineer from DSIR varied from 96.93% to 100% efficiency!

At this stage, I had unwittingly invited the then chief departmental district electrical engineer to be present at my laboratory to witness the phenomenon of one particular model displaying identical input and output wave forms on a twin beam oscilloscope with the machine windings running at ambient temperature, a condition which cannot be denied as proof of 100% efficiency, without any further tests being required.

He conceded there was no doubt whatever what he was witnessing was real, but like all academics who stick to their ivory tower scientific establishment beliefs, he said it could not be done.

Upon reading certain of my writings, it will be found that at one time in earlier years, I disbelieved in any kind of conspiracy regarding inventions pertaining to energy efficiency, and certain communication installations. I must now say, having unwittingly got myself into the web of the insidious conspiracy, through treading the path of an inventor in the field of free energy, that I now know from personal experience the pitfalls, stone walls, and blatant obstacles and barriers designed to hamper and silence inventors with such devices as energy efficient machines.

I decided to investigate the fate of a number of other excellent energy-efficient inventions, and learned that too many good inventions were never heard of again. Inventors themselves were turning into hermits, meeting with unexplained accidents, even totally disappearing. In many cases their laboratories were searched and ransacked, equipment confiscated and/or destroyed, and even attempts made on their lives. Others arc frequently bought off in return for silence.

The conspirators, who arc also the cartel operators arc determined to continue to make mankind use fossil fuel for all possible energy requirements and will go to any lengths to achieve just that.

I have since superseded the above machine and have built and proven two different types of self-sustaining motor generators with efficiency ratings well beyond unity.

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