ity of the lodestone and its use in navigation, as do also Cardinal de Vitry in his Historia Orien-talis (1215-1220); Brunetto Latini, poet, orator and philosopher, in his Tresor des Sciences, a veritable library, written in Paris in 1260; Raymond Lully, the Enlightened Doctor, in his treatise, De Contemplatione, begun in 1272, and Guido Guinicelli, the poet-priest of Bologna, who died in 1 276.

The authors of these learned works were too busy with the pen to find time to devote to the close and prolonged study of natural phenomena necessary for fruitful discovery, and so had to content themselves with recording and discussing in their tomes the scientific knowledge of their age without making any notable additions to it.

But this was not the case with such contemporaries of theirs as Roger Bacon, the Franciscan, and his Gallic friend, Pierre de Maricourt, commonly called Petrus Peregrinus, the subject of the present notice, a man of academic culture and of a practical rather than speculative turn of mind. Of the early years of Peregrinus nothing

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